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In order to pinpoint your child’s math strengths and weaknesses, a comprehensive, professional assessment is the best place to begin. At Mathnasium, we offer a free test to determine how your child may benefit from our math tutoring services in Sandy Springs or Stone Mountain. Reach out and schedule yours today, and take this first important step to getting your child back on track. 

My child is already an advanced math student. Can Mathnasium still benefit them?

Yes, of course. Because our Sandy Springs mathematics tutors use an individualized assessment and learning plan, instead of a standardized program, we can adapt to the needs of all kinds of students. Using appropriate exercises for your child’s skill level, we will build upon their knowledge, and give them even more tools to succeed. 

My child used to enjoy math, but now seems discouraged. Can Mathnasium help them regain their confidence?

Many children slip through the cracks of traditional math education, and end up falling behind more each year. Most academic settings teach for memorization and test-taking, instead of true, functional understanding, so when knowledge gaps begin to surface, it’s often hard for children to catch up. This can lead to falling grades and damaged self-confidence. Here at Mathnasium, we design learning plans based upon your child’s unique skills and challenges, filling in gaps and building a strong intuitive understanding of math which they can build upon as they progress. We will help them enjoy math again, and catch up with their classmates.

Is one-on-one math tutoring the best thing for my child?

Traditional math tutoring can help with improving grades and test-taking skills, but won’t address the root of the issue- the educational gaps in your child’s math experience. While one-on-one tutoring can help your child pass their classes, this may not help them move out of memorization mode and into lasting confidence with math fundamentals. At Mathnasium of Sandy Springs, we take a different approach, assessing your child’s knowledge as well as their learning style, creating an individualized plan to supplement their academic setting and improve their math skills. Our center will surround them with other students and several teachers, in a positive, encouraging environment, which will foster learning, creativity, and confidence.

What makes Mathnasium the best option for my child?

Unlike other Sandy Springs math learning centers, Mathnasium provides an engaging, dynamic, and personalized environment for your child. We get to know your child and how they learn best, tailoring a program to their needs, skill level, and comprehension abilities. Our program will fill in the gaps of your child’s math knowledge, expand upon their critical thinking skills, and deepen their numeric fluency. We don’t teach with memorization or testing in mind- we teach for ultimate, functional understanding of basic concepts, which can be built upon as your child advances through school. 

If you want to give your child the help they need to feel confident in math again, reach out to us at Mathnasium. Schedule your child’s free skills assessment today, to see if our Sandy Springs math tutoring services are right for you. 

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Call Now (404) 334-3300 and Let's Get Started! 


Where are your child’s math skills?

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