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Word Problem Wednesday: Apple Picking To Keep Your Math Brain Healthy

Dec 12, 2018

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away…” Just as eating good food every day keeps your body healthy, doing a little bit of math every day keeps your brain healthy! Joining a math tutoring center such as Mathnasium is one way to bring a little da...

Word Problem Wednesday: Exercise Your Math Muscle Regularly!

Dec 5, 2018

Do you play an instrument or a sport? How long to you spend practicing each week? Any skill is like a muscle, and should be exercised regularly—this goes for skills and activities such as playing instruments, reading, and even math!  In this we...

Word Problem Wednesday: Cooking Math And Chocolate Mousse

Nov 28, 2018

What’s your favorite dessert? Is it cookies? Chocolate? It’s the holiday season, which means time for cooking and food...and math! Whether you’re doing elementary or high school math, cooking is a perfect opportunity to practice kids math learning...

Word Problem Wednesday: Thanksgiving Travel And Real World Math

Nov 22, 2018

Are you visiting family or friends over the Thanksgiving holiday? If so, your travel plans may be the perfect opportunity to practice your math skills in a real world way. Calculating distance, time, fuel use, departures and arrivals...all of thes...

Word Problem Wednesday: Doggone Great Kids Math Learning!

Nov 14, 2018

What do dogs do when life gets ruff? They go to the dog park, of course! And what do math students do when life gets rough? They call on Mathnasium, their A plus math tutors, for some fun word problem practice! Unleash your elementary school ma...

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