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Word Problem Wednesday: Money Math Around Town

May 22, 2019

Money, making purchases, and ensuring you get correct change is one of the most common ways we use math on a daily basis. Nobody wants to be left at the register without enough money, and everybody wants to make sure they get the correct amount of...

Word Problem Wednesday: Alligators Are Scary, Math Is Not

May 15, 2019

Have you ever seen a white alligator? No, not the ghost of an alligator, an actual white alligator! We aren’t telling you a tall-tale, white alligators do exist. We promise we don’t have any of these rare creatures hanging out in our math learning...

Word Problem Wednesday: Take Tutoring in Math Wherever You Go!

May 8, 2019

Where in the world would you like to travel, and how might you use your math education to plan your travels? If you visit nearby locations you might travel by car and use math skills to determine distance, time, and mileage. If you fly or travel b...

Word Problem Wednesday: Casting Light on Elementary School Math

May 2, 2019

Q: What’s bigger than you but doesn’t weigh anything? A: Your shadow! We don’t mean to be shady, but lean in and listen up, because we have a perfect opportunity for students to practice their elementary math skills! Today’s word problem chall...

Word Problem Wednesday: Counting Cookies

Apr 24, 2019

Get ready, because this week’s word problem challenge is sweet! If your tutor for math brings up cookies as part of your math help you know the fun is going to be baked right in.  Take a bite out of this delicious word problem, which asks stude...

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