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Word Problem Wednesday: Balto The Sled Dog Saves Nome, Alaska

Jan 9, 2019

When the residents of Nome, Alaska needed medical help, Balto the sled dog came through for them. When kids need elementary math help, or when students need help with math for middle school, Mathnasium is ready to step in with math tutoring classes or fun word problems like this one, to help kids improve math skills!

Dust off your elementary school math skills such as addition and subtraction and give this word problem challenge a try. Help figure out how long it took to put up a statue of Balto, the heroic sled dog. Read the problem below and take your time working it out. 

Question: In New York City’s Central Park, there is a statue of Balto, the sled dog who helped deliver medicine in the middle of a blizzard to Nome, Alaska and saved the town from a dangerous diphtheria outbreak. Balto arrived in Nome on February 2, 1925. The statue of Balto was erected on December 17, 1925. How many days passed between Balto arriving in Nome and his statue being erected? (Hint: 1925 was not a leap year.)

Be sure to come back tomorrow to check your solution against ours.


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