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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

CenterDirectorEd Austin, Owner 

Ed is the Owner of Mathnasium of Saratoga Springs. Ed is an electrical engineer by degree and has worked as an Instrument/Electrical Engineer for about 20 years and technical sales for another 9 years.  He has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Montana State University in Bozeman, MT.  Going through the electrical engineering degree program at MSU, entry level as well as advanced math classes were a part of the required curriculum.  Having always taken math classes throughout his education, he understands the importance of developing math skills to assist in succeeding, not only in his career but in life as well.  Too often, young students put aside chasing their real dreams for a rewarding career because they "can't get through the math."  Ed sees this as a problem that can easily be fixed.  His passion for math and his desire to help make a difference in the lives of young minds has led Ed to Mathnasium.  He sees the Mathnasium Method as an awesome way to bring math to life to the children in the local community.

Favorite Number:  12. Because it is considered a perfect number and symbolized completeness.

Favorite Math Joke:  What do you call a number that can't keep still?  A roamin' numeral.

I love Mathnasium because:  It is truly a "one-of-kind" approach to effectively teaching math in ways that stay with you for life!  The way we teach math is something much bigger than memorization - it becomes a part of who you are.


Chloe Nelson, Instructor




Favorite Number:  9.  Because any number times 9 has the sum of its digits equal to 9!

Favorite Math Joke:  There's a fine line between a numerator and a denominator... but only a fraction would understand

In five years, I will be:  A Mechanical Engineer and working on a masters for automotive design.

I love Mathnasium because:  It's so fulfilling to watch a student achieve an understanding of a subject they were previously so frustrated in and seeing that with hard work and perseverance then can do great things!


Tammy Stuart, Instructor

Tammy has a unique experience dealing with children and adults.  She comes from a background as a social worker for the University of Utah Mental Health Crisis Team.  She has a love of math and feels that a strong background in math can bring confidence to the life of a child.  The result; success in the educational system leading to a successful career!  Tammy likes to hike and crochet in her spare time.


Favorite Number:  2.  Because it is the first Prime Number.

Favorite Math Joke:  Why is 6 mad at 7?  Because 7, 8, 9.

I love Mathnasium because:  It teaches math skills in a way that is simple and fun.


Josie Dolman, Instructor

Josie is a high school student at West Lake High in Saratoga Springs.


Favorite Number:  

Favorite Math Joke: 

I love Mathnasium because:  


Quinn Gerber, Instructor

Quinn is a high school student working to become a Software Engineer.  I've taught children math for two years and taught dance for even longer.  She enjoys math and loves it when she figures out a problem.


Favorite Number:  31.  Because it's the transposition of the number 13, an unlucky number.  Fun Fact:  When the position of two or more digits are switched and the difference is divisible by 9 resulting in a whole number, then you have a transposition error (31-13 = 18 which is divisible by 9 and equals exactly 2).

Favorite Math Joke:  What did Al Gore play on his guitar?  An algorithm!

I love Mathnasium because:  The children are so kind and happy when they figure out a problem.  I love being able to help them to enjoy math as much as I do.


Kameron Wilson, Instructor

Kameron is a high school senior who loves learning math as well as helping others learn!  He likes choir, video games, and learning random facts.


Favorite Number:  13.  It's the day I was born on and it's a cool prime number.

Favorite Math Joke:  Saying that I'm average is just mean!

I love Mathnasium because:  Love helping students get those "a-ha!" moments where they fully understand and appreciate the concept.


Emily Fulkerson, Instructor

Emily is a college student going to Utah Valley University and is working towards a bachelor's degree in Math Education.  She loves reading, biking, hiking, and learning more about the wonders of math.


Favorite Number:  4.  Because, who doesn't like the number 4?!

Favorite Math Joke:  I saw my teacher with a piece of graph paper yesterday.  I think he must be plotting something!

I love Mathnasium because:  I love helping kids excel at something they previously thought was too hard for them to do.