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We are OPEN for both In-Center and Online instruction. Call today 763-269-6969!

Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

 David Andre, Center Director

 David has more than 37 years of experience using Math Concepts in business and         education environments. 

 His education includes a BA in Management and Computer Science; In Process is a BA in   Mathematics at the University of Minnesota and an MBA from Warwick School, London   England.  He was employed as a Teacher’s Assistant for Teachers on Call and was assigned to   many different high, middle, and grade schools including students with autism and other   learning disabilities. 

He is a former hockey and tennis player who enjoys coaching kids in the USTA Tennis league.  

Our teaching method for helping students young and old is designed to help those that have a fear of or anxiety with the subject of Mathematics.  From my own experience, mathematics was difficult until I was introduced to my seventh-grade math teacher.  In summary, he made mathematics fun and it was from that humble beginning that led to my love of learning and teaching Mathematics.

  Bobby Tarnowski, Owner

   It thrills me to see a young person's face light up when it finally hits them how math works and
   is useful in the things they're passionate about. I believe that a solid understanding of
   mathematics is foundational in our ability to make good life choices, equipping us to live lives
   with greater independence and accomplishment of our goals. I graduated from St. John's University with a B.A. in Mathematics and continued with a Master's Program in Manufacturing Systems Engineering at the University of St. Thomas. Math has been indispensable throughout my career in engineering and management, and is also quite useful in my business and family life.

Cecelia Nguyen , Assistant Center Director, Online Lead Instructor

Cecelia is a college sophomore that will be attending the University of Minnesota Twin Cities this fall and is majoring in Computer Science. She loves teaching math concepts and enjoys working with students, so working at Mathnasium was perfect!

If she is not working on her studies, she likes to bake, listen to music, or play board games with her family.

nted with methods, and demonstrated with examples for your child to refer to.  In summary, Mathematics is about pattern development."  

 Jake Artang, Lead Instructor

 Jake is a sophomore attending Prior Lake High School, where he’s currently working through   Calculus BC. His favorite sports are freestyle skiing and tennis, and he’s also involved in the   school jazz band and percussion ensemble. Jake has always loved math and science because of   the challenge and problem-solving aspect. In his free time he enjoys piano, video games, programming, drawing, puzzles, video games, and playing guitar

 Srushti Vaidyanathan, Instructor

Srushti is a Sophmore this year at Prior Lake High School. She has always had a liking towards math and science due to the logical aspects and definitive answers. She has been on the robotics team since 5th grade, has been to state tournaments several times, and is one of the division captains of the high school team this year. Srushti also participates in the school’s speech team, tennis team, and is a figure skater. In her free time she enjoys drawing, puzzles, video games, and playing guitar

Nathan Drabek , Online Instructor

Nathan Drabek is a senior currently enrolled in the PSEO program at Normandale Community College and now attends the University of Minnesota majoring in Engineering. He loves math and teaching. The 2019-2021 school year was his third year as an instructor at an after school youth juggling program called Jugheads, where he has been a student for 9 years. He can juggle 5 clubs (aka pins) at one time! His current most ambitious academic goal is achieving a perfect score on the ACT. Nathan’s favorite hobby is learning; to avoid boredom when not working, studying, or out with friends, he is teaching himself how to code in Python. Nathan hopes to pursue a job in the STEM field after graduating from college.