Our staff is built to teach each student individually, to develop the skills they need to thrive in mathematics, and to foster a love of learning.

Jennifer Speer


Jennifer has a unique perspective that allows her to understand your kids and help them.

She is a successful business owner and homeschooling mom of 3! She has the perspective of an educator as well as a busy parent and knows the challenges of both. Jennifer knows how to engage the kids and hold their interest. She keeps them progressing in math in a way they will actually enjoy!

Jennifer has always had a strong grip on Mathematics, earning her B.B.A in Finance at Southwest Texas State University and then owning and operating a successful business for over 10 years in the Brazos Valley alongside her husband James.

After finding Mathnasium and seeing what it can offer kids, they made a tough decision to sell their successful business with its comfortable lifestyle and start all over again. As scary as that sounds, they knew that parents in the Brazos Valley wanted the best for their children at an affordable price. There was already so much available for the many college students in Bryan/College Station, but not for elementary, middle, and high school students. Now, after being open for several years and expanding to multiple locations, we have hundreds of amazing success stories as a result of our passionate instructors, inspiring learning environment, teaching style and curriculum at Mathnasium! Let us help your student! 

Favorite Math Joke: There are 3 kinds of people in this world... Those who can count, and those who can't.

Fun Fact: Graduated college in 3 1/2 years with a 4.0!

I love Mathnasium because: I get to be a part of a great organization that changes kids' lives! Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?!?

Larry Martinek

Creator of the Mathnasium Method
Larry has spent his entire career finding a better way to teach math. From inner city public schools, to acclaimed magnet schools, to leading private and parochial schools, Larry has served as both a classroom teacher and as an educational consultant. He has designed curriculum, teaching strategies, and teaching materials to help students and teachers learn math more effectively. He has trained teachers in the art and science of boosting students' ability to “do” math, thereby increasing students' math scores and feeling of self-worth. Larry is the developer of Mathnasium’s educational program – one of the most comprehensive and innovative curriculas ever produced for teaching math. While Larry is not an Instructor at our Center, he is a valuable asset we can call on to ask about specific students' scenarios for guidance and advice. This has helped to make visits more productive and enjoyable for many of our students.

Kayla Ausman

Assistant Center Director

Kayla graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelors in World Culture and Literature. She went to France to teach English, and ever since then has had a passion for working with children.

Favorite Number: 26 because that is the day I was born in May.

Favorite Math Joke: Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 ate 9.

I love Mathnasium because: Mathnasium helps students understand math in a way that is geared towards their own abilities. I have always had a passion for math and want to help others find that same passion.

Collin Behunin

Lead Instructor

Collin is a student at UTSA. He plans to graduate within four years with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Throughout his childhood, Collin played several instruments and spent many years in band and other musical groups.

Favorite Number: 1, because it indicates the presence of a true statement in binary.

Favorite Math Joke: I'll do algebra, trig, and statistics. But graphing is where I draw the line!

In five years, I will be: Graduated from college and working for a software development company.

I love Mathnasium because: I love math, and I believe the best feeling you can have in life is helping someone else learn and watching them make connections for themselves!

Lori Miller

Lead Instructor

The Team Player Award, Spring 2021 & Fall 2021

Lori graduated from DeVRY Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. She completed all the coursework for a Master's degree in Computer Science at North Central College while working as a software testing engineer at AT&T Bell Laboratories. Lori changed careers to education after moving to Texas, and worked for Comal ISD as an inclusion aid and Special Education Teacher, with students from preschool through twelfth grade. Her last three years were teaching Algebra I, Geometry, and Math Models at Canyon High School. Lori's hobbies include reading all types of fiction, crocheting and knitting for charities, and volunteering at Cross Lutheran Church. She has two daughters, one attending Princeton University, and one working at Mathnasium of New Braunfels.

Favorite Number: 42, because it was my uniform number in high school, and because it was the "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything" in Douglas Adams's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series.

In five years, I will be: The mother of two college graduates and the owner of a successful proofreading business.

I love Mathnasium because: We make math fun and understandable!

Violet Vigen

Lead Instructor

Violet recently graduated with her Associate's from San Antonio College. She is planning to attend a university to further her education in Accounting. In her free time, she likes to get creative by scrapbooking, constructing collages from old books and magazines, drawing, and painting. She also loves being in nature, going on walks or bike rides, and reading on a picnic blanket.

Favorite Number: 25/5, because it is my lucky number and the day of my birthday.

Favorite Math Joke: Why did seven eat nine? Because you're suppose to eat 3 squared meals a day!

In five years, I will be: Graduated from a university with my Bachelor's and working for a successful company!

I love Mathnasium because: We are here to improve our students' math skills and help them gain confidence not only in their math work but in themselves.

Maddie Litwhiler


Maddie is currently a student at University of the Incarnate Word. She loves to read, draw, cook, and knit. She also loves to hike and travel, especially with her family.

Favorite Number: 2, because it's a number that evenly divides things in half, and because of the different ways to write the number.

Favorite Math Joke: Dear algebra, stop asking us to find your x. They are never coming back — don't ask y.

In five years, I will be: Graduated from college and, hopefully, a teacher or doing something I love that includes math.

I love Mathnasium because: The atmosphere is really calming and focused. It also has great tips and tools for new methods of learning math that I find extremely helpful and have started to use myself.

Cara Sullivan


Cara is a high school student enrolled in the dual credit homeschool program at Northeast Lakeview College. She has a simple mantra: she loves math! She is working toward an Associate's degree in Business and plans to become a math teacher. Cara is very passionate about teaching math, so much so that she started a peer tutoring program at her school in eighth grade. She did not want to wait until she finished college to help students learn, which is why Mathnasium is her dream job - she gets to connect with students from all walks of life through mathematics. In short, she gets to share what she loves!

Favorite Number: 9 - when I was 9 years old, I was randomly assigned the #9 jersey on my softball team. It seemed almost magical, so it has been my lucky number every since!

Favorite Math Joke: How many monsters are good at math? None, unless you Count Dracula.

In five years, I will be: Graduating with a Master's degree in Business.

I love Mathnasium because: It brings out the beauty and fun in math. The more a student's understanding of math grows, the more educational options open up to them. The work is not work anymore - instead, the student realizes that each math problem is like a puzzle, and I love seeing their newfound love for piecing it together!

Brandon Bautizta


Brandon is a student at Byron P. Steele High School who hopes to find his passion to pursue after high school. He is an enthusiastic band student who loves math and participating in band activities.

Favorite Number: 7 - it's my lucky number, and it keeps appearing everywhere in my life.

Favorite Math Joke: Not all math jokes are bad, just sum.

In five years, I will be: In or out of college and working towards a career.

I love Mathnasium because: It gives me a chance to help people, which is my end goal in life, and helps kids improve their math skills and their confidence in math.

Meganne Behunin


Meganne is a student at Samuel Clemens High School. She participates in Band, Color guard, and National Honor Society. In her free time she enjoys reading and listening to music.

Favorite number: 5, it's my lucky number!

Favorite math joke: Why was the math book sad? It had a lot of problems!

In five years, I will be: Graduating from college.

I love Mathnasium because: Mathnasium is a great place for everyone to learn at their own pace, and become comfortable in their abilities.

Lena Sykes


Lena is currently a student at UTSA earning her bachelor's degree in biology. She loves being in the kitchen either cooking or baking and spends most of her free time reading. She also hopes to spend her life making good changes in the world, no matter how small.

Favorite number: 7, because I believe that it holds a significant place in the universe.

Favorite math joke: Why did pi get its driver’s license taken away? Because it didn’t know when to stop!

In five years, I will be: Graduated from university with a degree in biology and hopefully working as a paramedic.

I love Mathnasium because: Math has always been one of my favorite subjects in school, and sometimes it can be hard to grasp new concepts. Here, I can help kids understand these concepts and hopefully give them a brighter outlook on math.

Adriana Strang


Adriana is a senior in high school. She is editor-­in-­chief of two publications and plays in the orchestra. In her free time outside of school, she can be found writing or playing the guitar. While she wants to be a psychologist, she likes working with kids and helping them learn.

Favorite number: Eight. If you flip it sideways, it's an infinity sign for infinite possibilities. Not to mention it's also even.

Favorite math joke: Why did 7 eat 9? Because you need 3 square meals.

In five years, I will be: Working on a psychology degree in college.

I love Mathnasium because: There are so many ways to do math. Mathnasium shows kids that, which I think is important.

Christian Christovich


Christian is currently a senior at Davenport High School and will be studying computer science and mathematics in college. He loves the obscure and intricate relationships between numbers and is very excited about reaching young minds the beauty of mathematics.

Favorite number: My favorite number, if pressed to think of one, would have to be 4.669. This is the Feigenbaum constant and is very cool because of its application in animal populations and its connection to the Mandelbrot set.

Favorite math joke: The one about the magician counting down from three, that one's pretty funny.

In five years, I will be: An information security analyst.

I love Mathnasium because: It gives me an opportunity to teach kids how simple math can be. I also get to surround myself with my favorite subject and get paid for it.

Andrea Miller


Andrea is an avid baker, successful succulent cultivator, novice orchid caretaker, and sci-fi enthusiast. Her favorite party trick is being able to recite pi to 31 places. She plans to resume pursuing her Bachelor's of Landscape Architecture degree from Texas Tech University in the fall of 2020.

Favorite Number: 42, because it's the answer to life, the universe, and everything. The real question is what is the Ultimate Question.

In five years, I will be: A certified landscape architect who owns a lovable dog.

I love Mathnasium because: I enjoy showing others how much fun math can be!

Jackson Faires


Jackson completed his undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Stephen F. Austin State University. After that, he worked at Mathnasium for one year at both the New Braunfels and Schertz locations. He left once to teach English to children in China for a year, and again to get his Masters in Statistics, but is happy to be back!

Favorite Number: 65, because I chose it as a child and I have stuck with it ever since.

Favorite Math Joke: Why did the chicken cross the Mobius Strip? To get to the same side.

In five years, I will be: I might be working on my doctorate or I might be working in a different country teaching math. I'm not sure yet!

I love Mathnasium because: Mathnasium provides me an opportunity to better understand each child's individual struggles, which will make me a better classroom teacher.

Bryce Covington


Bryce Covington is a student at Northeast Lakeview, and is studying to become a mechanical engineer. In his free time, he likes working on small digital projects relating to 3D modeling, photo editing, and programming.

Favorite Number: 13, because I think it's been unfairly treated as an unlucky number, and I want to give it a home in my heart.

Favorite Math Joke: Why was Six afraid of Seven? Because Seven ate Nine!

In five years, I will be: Working as a mechanical engineer in the field of renewable energy.

I love Mathnasium because: It helps strengthen and build on a student's math foundations, which is essential for understanding and being comfortable in the subject.

Alexia Barrera


Alexia is currently a student at Byron P. Steele II High School. She participates in the marching and concert bands on saxophone and bassoon. She is also on the varsity cheer and softball teams, along with being a member of the National Honors Society (NHS). She plans to attend the University of Texas at Austin in the fall of 2023, where she will major in Political Science and minor in Philosophy of Law. However, Alexia is still a math lover at heart. She has previously competed on her schools UIL math team, and credits math as her favorite subject. In her free time she loves to bake, listen to new music, and hang out with her family and friends.

Favorite number: Three! It's a magic number ;). I've always used 3 in my jersey numbers and often find myself coming across it throughout life.

Favorite math joke: What did the calculator say to the student? You can always count on me!

In five years, I will be: In 5 years I will be in law school working hard to get my Juris Doctorate degree (JD).

I love Mathnasium because: I love Mathnasium because they help change attitudes towards math. Math is not everyone's cup of tea but this institution helps make it fun to learn and strengthen understanding. I get to work with all levels of math and share my passion with others.

Lillian Jaeger


Lillian spent three years of her life in Japan and three years in Germany. Her favorite past­ time is running! She recently completed a half ­marathon and plans to do more. She will be attending Texas A&M University in the Fall 2023 semester with a major in biochemistry on a premed track.

Favorite number: 3, in 2nd grade I learned a song that was just the multiples of 3, I’ve always thought it was really catchy.

Favorite math joke: Did you hear about the overeducated circle? It has 360 degrees.

In five years, I will be: Hopefully in medical school!

I love Mathnasium because: Being able to help kids develop and learn more in a healthy and rewarding manner is very important to me, and math is something that builds and will be important for your whole life.

Gio Gianan


Gio is a senior at Byron P. Steele High School and is interested in studying physics in college. He was a competitive swimmer for five years and Ioves to work out! Other than that, Gio likes to spend his free time reading.

Favorite number: My favorite number is 610 because it looks like my name.

Favorite math joke: Why was zero jealous of eight? Because he was wearing a designer belt!

In five years, I will be: Planning to pursue a master's degree in physics while working as a research assistant.

I love Mathnasium because: I love to help people and I enjoy carving a place for myself out as a role model for those around me.

Our Mathnasium Mission

Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor
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