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Lollipop Day!

Students attending on November 28th will be given a lollipop. Be sure to visit us on this day at Mathnasium of Silver Creek to receive this sweet treat!

One Card Snack/Candy Day!

Students attending on Saturday, November 17th will receive any one snack or candy worth 1 card for free. Be sure to visit us at Mathnasium of Silver Creek on this day for a treat before your session!

Mathnasium Spirit Day!

Students wearing Mathnasium Spirit colors (red, black, and white) on November 1st, 10th, 13th, 21st, and 26th will receive 2 raffle tickets that can be entered in our monthly raffle here at the Mathnasium of Silver Creek. Remember to rep your Mathnasium colors! 

Thanksgiving Holiday!

Don't forget that Mathnasium will be closed Thursday, November 22nd - Sunday, November 25th for the holiday. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving everyone!



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