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News from Mathnasium of Southside Jacksonville

Academically, the 'COVID Slide' Could Be a Lot Worse Than You Think

May 5, 2020

Although educators see a slide in math skills every summer, experts say that the “COVID Slide” will be much worse. The Northwest Evaluation Association, NWEA, released figures outlining how we can anticipate the COVID slide impacting student scores. As grim as the forecast for reading is, the math forecast is far worse. Students are projected to lose between a semester and a full year of academic growth in math! These projections are likely conservative for students in upper elementary grades, and perhaps even more so for vulnerable students who receive additional socio-economic support from their schools.

The full article can be found here:

When students return to school in August, they will have been without in-person classroom instruction for about five months! This absence means that all the students in the classroom will be at wildly different levels of math ability. Some students struggle to navigate online learning without live access to their teacher. As challenging as this year is shaping out for students and their teachers, next year will be increasingly difficult because of the challenges this year has presented.

With Mathnasium @Home, we can help bridge these gaps and continue each child’s math learning without interruption. At Mathnasium, we customize each child’s materials based on their unique strengths and weaknesses. Whether your child is ahead or needs to catch up, we can help build confidence and a solid math foundation. As a bonus, we also assist with any math homework or test prep your child may have. 

We understand that COVID-19 has drastically changed our way of life, but we are all in this together, and Mathnasium is here to help continue your child’s math education. Join countless other families who have already seen Mathnasium @Home improve their child’s math skills this year! 

When school starts in August, will your child be ready? Contact us for a free assessment, and we can chat about your child’s specific needs.