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Develop Good Study Habits with These Five Tips

Nov 20, 2019

Develop Good Study Habits with These Five Tips

As we approach the holiday season, we also head closer into exam week. Exam packets are coming home with students. Don’t let them sit there and collect dust until the night before the test. Now is a great time for your child to develop practical study skills and ace those finals!

  1. Get yourself organized—In addition to study packets given by the teacher, your backpack and binders are full of useful information. Gather tests, quizzes, homework, notes, and any project information that you have completed so far this year. Create folders for each subject to organize your study materials. Make it fun. Use colors, labels, and stickers to create your fun study packet that’s got everything you need all in one place.
  2. Create a quiet place—Try to find a spot that is just yours, away from traffic, the noise of the TV, or any siblings that may distract you. Take it one step further and leave your cell phone and iPad in a place that is away from your study space.
  3. Develop a study calendar—Most students find it beneficial to develop an Exam week calendar. It can be for one week, two weeks, or longer; you decide what you need. Determine how much you will study each day for each subject and book the time on the calendar. You are more likely to follow your schedule if you write it down. Be sure to build in study breaks and fun along the way. Study sessions are most effective when done in 20-30 minute segments with small breaks in between.
  4. Take an active approach to studying—Skimming over notes or reading flashcards while slumped in your favorite chair might not be the best way to remember what you’re reviewing. Have a friend or family member listen while you talk out the idea of each reading passage or math concept. Rewrite your notes and any formulas you need to remember. Walk around with your flashcards while you read them.
  5. Review your test-taking strategies—It is normal to feel stressed when taking an exam. Recreate mini-tests and quizzes to help you study. Practice skipping around and completing certain topics first. Then when you start to relax a bit, those other questions may not seem as hard.