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News from Mathnasium of Steiner Ranch

Back to School Checklist for Spring 2022

Jan 4, 2022

Going back to school is always an opportunity for students to set themselves up for success. The start of the spring semester feels like a "fresh start" because the New Year brings a new attitude! Is your student ready for the spring semester to get started? Here are some steps they can take to make sure they can get the semester started off right! 


Build relationships with teachers! 

Make an effort to build relationships with your teachers right away, especially if it is your first time meeting new teachers. Teachers are a key to your success not only now but in the coming years! You are not only trying to make a good impression, but you are also establishing a comfort level for yourself with the relationship. Give yourself the ability to approach your teacher about a question you might have later on. 


Do not get behind! 

Starting from scratch with new classes in a new semester is a huge advantage. "Catching up" is nearly impossible when you get behind in difficult classes. You feel consistently behind, buried in school work. Commit to staying up-to-date with homework and begin work on long-term assignments early instead of waiting until the last minute.  


Set goals! 

Goalsetting is proven to improve student performance. When you set a goal, you motivate yourself to succeed! has five golden rules for goalsetting:  


1) Only set goals that are motivating for you 

2) Set "SMART" goals:  

  • Specific - Clearly defined goals tell you where you want to end up! If a goal isn’t specific enough, you may never know if you actually accomplished anything.  

  • Measurable – Measurable goals allow you to measure the degree of your success, and make it clear when you have achieved your goals. 

  • Attainable – Attainable goals ensure that you are giving your confidence a chance to grow – if a goal is unattainable, failure is inevitable, and it will dissuade you from working toward it at all. 

  • Relevant – When your goal is relevant, it helps you maintain focus. Think: “keep your eyes on the prize.” A relevant goal aligns with an overall vision you have for yourself.  

  • Time-Bound – Deadlines increase your sense of urgency and commitment. 

3) Put your goals in writing  

4) Make a plan how you will achieve your goal 

5) Stick to the plan 


Maintain a planner! 

Keeping a planner is the number one way to keep up with classwork, extracurriculars, and your overall goals. As a busy student, you must have an efficient organizational system. Your planner should be your one-stop-shop for scheduling and holding information like reminders. A planner can be electronic or paper, depending on your preference, but when you find one that works for you, stick with it! 


Ensure your success by taking action! 

One way to commit to success in math this semester is to sign up for a program at Mathnasium of Steiner Ranch. Our instructors are ready to support you in your growth over the next semester. You can set appropriate goals together and get the tools you need to reach those goals. This is your chance to get to where you need to be with math practice. Don’t let it pass you by! Email us or call us today at (512) 284-9849, so we can help you succeed.