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News from Mathnasium of Steiner Ranch

Math New Year’s Resolutions for our Students and Parents!

Dec 28, 2021

Happy (almost) New Year! As we near 2022, it’s time to start thinking about making some new year’s resolutions so we can all start the new year on a productive path. Resolutions don’t have to be about making dramatic changes; they can be about consistency. At Mathnasium of Steiner Ranch, we resolve to stay consistent in the quality service we provide to all of our families. Further, we resolve to continue to improve! We also think students should make their own new year’s resolutions so they can ensure 2022 is the best math year ever! For some help making those resolutions, look no further! Here, we list some ideas for continuous improvement and some bonus parent resolutions as well. 


For our students: 

  1. Resolve to make mistakes happily when you practice math 

Making mistakes happily is the key to having a growth mindset! Many people get frustrated when they make mistakes, but you can choose to view them as an opportunity: now you can learn something you didn’t know before! If you never make a mistake, you aren’t learning anything, so be grateful when you make them. 

  1. Resolve to attempt a problem that looks intimidating before you give up 

Trying hard things makes you stronger because you learn more through struggle! This phenomenon is known as productive struggle: if you attempt a challenging problem, the process will make you a creative problem solver, and the concepts will be more memorable later.  

  1. Resolve to read a book in 2022 about math  

Make math more entertaining by reading a fun book about math this year. Who knows, maybe you can work your way through multiple! Reading about math can be especially helpful for our students who don’t see themselves as primarily “math people.”  

  1. Resolve to review answers and explanations after you finish every assignment 

It’s just as important to review an assignment or test as it is to complete the assignment or test. Think about it like stepping on a scale. If you step on a scale, and then ten minutes later, you get back on without having done anything, is the number going to change? No – because you haven’t done anything to make the number on the scale change! Doing assignments solely to assess deprives you of the opportunity to learn from that assignment. Make sure you are learning something new from each assignment you complete. 

  1. Resolve to ask for help when you need it 

You are surrounded by people who want you to succeed! Your parents, your friends, your teachers, and your instructors at Mathnasium of Steiner Ranch are all here to help you. We’re all here to pick you up when you fall and maintain a positive outlook throughout it all! 


For our parents:  

  1. Resolve to attempt at least one math problem with your child from their homework per week 

Sometimes parents can have their own math-related anxieties. Resolving to work with your child not only shows them you’re in their corner, but it also helps you overcome that anxiety. Plus, you’ve shown them you are vulnerable, and you have maybe even given them a chance to gain some confidence by teaching you math. 

  1. Resolve to play board games or card games (math skills practice) with your child 

Games are a great way to practice and learn math concepts. You can all hone your mental math skills and have fun while doing it!  

  1. Resolve to help your child prioritize math study 

There are so many moving parts when it comes to raising a school-aged child. Schedules are crazy for kids these days, so making sure your child prioritizes math homework and study is a must. Instill that importance in your child by showing them it comes first. 

  1. Resolve to model a positive attitude about math for your child 

Children respond to your attitude. If you have a positive attitude about math, they’ll be more likely to have one, too. If you have math anxiety, showing them how you can manage it happily could be the best thing you can do for them. 

  1. Resolve to contact Mathnasium for a free assessment and learn about our programs 


At Mathnasium of Steiner Ranch, we commit to giving your child the best tools to get ahead academically. Our team resolves to be here as a stable, reliable source for math help in your child’s life. Call us for a risk-free assessment today at (512)284-9849.