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March Activities and Calendar
March will be full of fun activities. Since we have Pi Day, and caution about COVID, we will be discussing PI concepts and doing Pi related activities in the days leading up to 3/14. Normally we do all of that on Pi Day, but we can get more of the students involved with the activities safely buy spreading it out. But we will still celebrate with Pi shaped foods on 3/14!
Since March is also the month of the famed March Madness, we will be doing our own "Bracket Challenge" of sorts. We will have a Snack Bracket Challenge for the students to offer their opinions. In doing this, we can talk about doubling, exponents, and REALLY BIG Numbers ( did you know the odds of a perfect March Madness basketball bracket is one in 9.2 QUINTILLION?!?!?!?)
Here are the March calendar and reward days:
Mar 2 - Tell A Joke Day (tell a joke for 5 stars)
Mar 4 - Flip A Coin Day
Mar 7 - Snack Day
Mar 8 - Mar 11 - Pi Concepts: radius, diameter, area, circumference
Mar 8 - Flip A Coin Day
Mar 10 - Mario Day
Mar 14 - PI DAY
Mar 14 - Daylight Savings Begins
Mar 17 - St Patrick's Day (wear green for 5 stars)
Mar 16 - Tell A Joke Day
Mar 21 - Common Courtesy Day (Thank an instructor)
Mar 22 - Hat Day
Mar 23 - MACY DAY ♥ triple punch day
Mar 24 - Flip A Coin Day
Mar 28 - Snack Day
Mar 30 - Flip A Coin Day
Double Punch Days are March 1, 3, 9, 11, 15, 16, 25, 29, and 31


 Free Fun Family Breakout Event - Sally's Beach Vacation

Come enjoy a FREE family activity! Bring your family to a fun breakout challenge (school age children required in your group), Race against the clock (or another team) and work together to solve a series of objectives to reveal the solution. This fun activity combines problem solving, team building and math skills to provide a memorable, rewarding evening. There are multiple skill level activities offered. Call or email us for availability and reservations.