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National Teacher Day

May 7, 2019

Einstein once said, "Do not worry too much about your difficulties in mathematics, I can assure you that mine are still greater."


Math is a unique subject to learn and teach because abstract concepts can be interpreted in many different ways. Mathnasium has developed and tested multiple strategies to help children understand in a way that makes sense for them. We focus on finding the right math language for our students. Our talented instructors didn’t develop their skills on their own, though; they all had amazing teachers who helped them find a passion and love for learning!


Teacher Appreciation Week takes place the first full week in May, the Tuesday of which is designated as National Teacher Day. To celebrate, we’d like to share some stories from our instructors and management about their favorite teachers who helped them become the educators they are today.  

I've had too many great teachers to choose from! I was spoiled in grade school with an abundance of teachers who taught us to be inclusive and nonjudgemental and inspired in me a love of learning.


In 3rd grade, Mrs. Turner encouraged us to be ourselves and to work together despite our differences. She didn't tolerate people calling names and she helped us delve into a variety of creative outlets by encouraging us to collaborate on projects. Some of the friendships I still enjoy today came from hours spent working together on story writing in her class.


In 5th grade, Mrs. Royster let me give up my desk and just sit in the book nook in her classroom. Whenever the class was moving too slowly for me I could grab a book and read while I waited. By halfway through the school year my original desk had been given to a new student and I didn't even have a desk, which frustrated substitute teachers to no end when they couldn't figure out "where I belonged."


In high school, Mr. Weigand encouraged us to look for practical solutions rather than stereotypical solutions and look past the flavorless information that we're often fed in school. As the history teacher my junior and senior year, he exposed us to lesser told stories of historical figures and some of the weird and zany things they did. I've never been that interested in memorizing dates and facts but he made history fun and gave plenty of life advice along the way!


-Marissa, Lead Instructor

I had an incredible teacher in high school who taught me to love literature. I wasn't very good at analyzing readings at that point, but her passion and love of the books she was teaching showed me how to dig deeper into the words and their meanings. It inspired me to become an English major and earn a degree in English Lit.


-Kay Harding, Assistant Center Director

If you haven’t already, make sure to nominate your favorite teacher for our Teacher Appreciation Facebook Contest! Find our contest post and comment the name of the teacher and their school, one lucky teacher will win a Mathnasium Goodie Bag!