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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:


Mary Branham, Center Director 

Mary graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2018 with a Bachelors in Psychology and Public Health, and Leadership Distinction in Diversity and Social Advocacy. Mary was very involved with student organizations on campus, several of which worked with kids. During her senior year, Mary implemented a public health outreach program for at-risk kids. It reached over 300 children! This is where she discovered her passion for working with kids. She also learned how much she enjoyed working behind the scenes, planning, and organizing. Mary is able to fulfill both passions while at Mathnasium. She also believes Mathnasium is more than math. It's about building confidence and learning to persevere. Her favorite number is 3 because she was always third on the roster in elementary school. 


Dr. Frank Cao, Owner

 Frank received his PhD in Biological Sciences from University of Buffalo in 1997.   He moved to Atlanta in 1999 and worked at Emory University as a Post-Doc for a   number of years, before joining CDC as a Research Fellow working on infectious   diseases. As a scientist, Frank has worked on many different projects and has   published over a dozen peer-reviewed research papers.

 Strong mathematical skills have always benefited Frank in his research, as well as   other parts of his life. Ever since learned about Mathnasium, and discovered how   great it's been changing kids' lives and preparing them for their future success,   Frank has decided to become an owner. He is thrilled to be the new owner of   Mathnasium of Tucker since Apr. 1, 2020, and is looking forward to contributing greatly to the success of this Center.

Favorite Number: "7, because I was born on the 7th, and I wore #7 jersey for both my high school and college soccer teams."

Favorite Math Joke: "What is the volume of a pizza with a radius of Z and thickness of A? Pi-Z-Z-A"

Fun Fact: "My first ever gift growing up was a Rubik's Cube from my brother! I loved it so much that I developed my own algorithm to solve it as a teenager."

"I Love Mathnasium because I love math, and I love to be around kids!"


Jose Castejon, Assistant Center Director 

Jose graduated from the University of Houston in 2017 with a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education. He has a passion for education and for helping students achieve goals they never realized they could! After working as a classroom teacher in the Houston area, Jose moved to Atlanta and then began working at Mathnasium as an instructor and lead instructor before eventually assuming his current role as Assistant Center Director. Jose is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science at Georgia Tech.  In his spare time, Jose loves to sing in choruses, cook, play video games, and spend time with his wife, who also worked as an Assistant Center Director for a Houston-area Mathnasium! His favorite number is 10, because our entire number system is based on 10s.



Matthew Batchelor, Assistant Center Director








Naomi Tekeste, Instructor

 Naomi is currently a senior at Parkview High School. Her hobbies include hiking and working with children. She enjoys working with children because there is always something new to learn from them. This helps drive her aspiration to become a pediatrician. She is currently taking Calculus as a fifth math credit and loves it! Her favorite number is 2 because her birthday is 2/22. 




Katherine Kim, Instructor

Katherine is a math enthusiast who enjoys helping students better grasp math concepts. She is dual enrolled at Georgia State University on a biology focused pathway. When she is not studying or working, she enjoys playing the ukulele and flute, listening to music, and spending time with family and friends! Her favorite number is 12 because there are 12 months in a year and it is also the day of her birthday! 



                                                  Leah Batson, Instructor

Leah is currently studying psychology at Georgia State University. She loves working with children and has volunteered in different classrooms at Shiloh Elementary School. The best part about working with children is being able to inspire and motivate them to the best they can do in whatever they are doing! In the future, she plans to become an elementary school teacher. Her favorite number is 7 because it is her lucky number! 



Isabel Goico, Instructor


 Isabel is a high school senior at The Paideia School who will be attending Cornell   University in the fall. She is the winner of the 2018 National Center for Women in   Technology Award for   Aspirations in Computing. Isabel taught programming at Hirsch   Academy to autistic children and teens for 3 summers. In her free time, she helps out   with local elementary school coding and robotics team. She is a classically trained   violinist and loves to spend time oil painting or playing ultimate frisbee. She is entering   college as a Studio Art and Computer Science double major. Her favorite shape is the   dodecahedron (because who doesn't love to say   dodecahedron?!)


Michelle Cao, Instructor

Michelle is currently pursuing a BFA at Carnegie Mellon University, with a focus on animation. She is a member of CMU's varsity golf team, and it is through the sport that she learned the importance of practice in perfecting a skill. In high school, she was heavily involved with school organizations such as the ASL Club, Theatre, and the Youth & Teen Improv program. Through these organization she discovered how much she enjoys teaching! At Mathnasium, she gets to do exactly that, as well as teach how math logic and reliability can be applied to other aspects of life. Her favorite number is 3, beacuse her favorite letter, C, is the third letter in the alphabet.


Sammy Obiago, Instructor

Sulekha Said, Instructor

Celia Mathew, Instructor