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Word Problem Wednesday: Frog Alert!

Sep 18, 2019

Rrrribit! Hey math students and math tutors, we have a math problem that is so great it will have you jumping for joy! Math is fun when you can look at a problem from all angles and use your critical thinking skills to figure out the solution.

Practice your elementary math skills such as fractions, distance, multiplication and division with this toad-ally amazing word problem challenge! Take a look at the question and see if you can figure it out. We know you can!

Question: A frog croaks 1 time when a storm is 1 mile (5,280 feet) away. When the storm is half of a mile away, the frog croaks 2 times. When the storm is one-third of a mile away, the frog croaks 3 times. How many feet away is the storm when the frog croaks 5 times?

Take your time working it out, and when you're ready look below to check your solution against ours!


Solution: If the pattern continues, then the frog will croak 4 times when the storm is one-fourth of a mile away and 5 times when the storm is one-fifth of a mile away. Since a mile is 5,280 feet, one fifth of a mile is 5,280 ÷ 5 = 1,056 feet.