6 Ways Mathnasium Makes Maths Fun

Jan 5, 2023 | Harrow


Mathnasium was founded on the belief that learning maths and solving maths problems are rewarding and enjoyable activities. In other words: Maths is fun! So how do we back that up? By teaching maths using a variety of instructional methods to keep the process fresh and engaging. Integrating fun into learning is an important part of what we do. Here are some of the ways we achieve that:

1. Games & Manipulatives

Games like Connect 4, Battleships, Mastermind, and Chess are useful instructional tools that help children become better critical thinkers and problem solvers. Manipulatives like coins, cards, dice, and dominoes help students understand maths concepts through tactile learning—learning that involves touch. Each manipulative supports particular concepts in a fun way.

2. Rewards

Who doesn’t like treats, toys and games? Our in-centre rewards system provides children encouragement and motivation to keep working on their curriculum and master the principles. Each session provides them with opportunities to receive rewards—big and small—for their efforts. A spin on the prize wheel adds yet another level of excitement!

3. Maths Activities

No matter the time of year, Mathnasium has an activity to match. Pi Day is a big deal at our tuition centres, as it provides a fun and meaningful opportunity to celebrate maths. Our centres celebrate the seasons and holidays with themed activities such as Summer Bingo and Holiday baking.

4. Learning Environment

One of the best ways to reinforce the fun side of maths in our centres is to surround students with a playful and engaging atmosphere. We do that with whimsical wall-art characters, learning materials, brain teasers and quick mental maths pieces in bright, lively colours. Our brand mascots — Ace and Addie — are motivational and supportive, just like our instructors!

5. Maths Nights, Family Game Days, and Other Special Days

Our Maths Nights and Family Game Days show schools, students, and families the joy of maths through interaction with others using our own proprietary games and materials. These are fun events that inspire children to experience maths with other students and their families. Some centres also have special days like Crazy Socks Day, Superhero Day, Double Rewards Day, Movie Nights, and maths-related drawing & art competitions, all in the name of fun!

6. Our Name: Mathnasium

We believe that, just as children need physical exercise to develop strong muscles, it’s equally important that they “exercise” their minds to develop strong “maths muscles.” We have the results to show that this active approach works. Over the last twenty years, more than a million parents have trusted Mathnasium to build their children’s confidence and transform their maths skills.

You can have fun with maths at home, too! Whether you’re baking in the kitchen, watching a football game, or picking fruit off a tree, take some time with your kids to discuss the maths involved in these activities. The truth is, we use maths all the time in our everyday lives, which is why it’s so important for children to discover the fun in maths from an early age.