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New Curriculum Materials Available!

Jun 5, 2018

Mathnasium HQ has been hard at work adding new and expanded curriculum materials to better address student's learning gaps and to broaden their knowledge.

First, is Mathnasium's Extension Assessment Series. These assessments match up with what your student is currently studying, and seek to broaden their knowledge into areas of Geometry, Data Interpretation, Statistics, Probability, and Problem Solving - all critical elements for Common Core education and standardized testing. We will be integrating these into existing student's learning plans, and can elucidate more of the details of the assessments upon request.

Second is our advanced Geometry with Proofs assessment. This focused Geometry assessment covers chords, angles, polygons, and other Algebra focused geometric topics that will push your student's Geometry skills to the next level. This updated assessment also contains extra materials on logic and proofs, to ease one of the most difficult sections of any High School level Geometry class.