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At Mathnasium, we help kids understand math by teaching the way that makes sense to them. Children who consistently attend sessions at our learning centers enjoy a transformative learning experience and make huge strides in the classroom.

Attitude: When math makes sense, kids develop a more positive attitude toward math.

Understanding: Mathnasium teaches for understanding, giving students the ability to succeed in any math environment. As Larry Martinek, Mathnasium’s Chief Instructional Officer notes, “It's pretty easy to forget things you memorize and near impossible to forget things you understand."

School Progress: When kids learn math in a way that they truly understand, they achieve greater success in the classroom.

See what people say about Mathnasium


Sabir Ashley William Leah Islay



At our house we say "Mathnasium is Magic". The teaching method really resonates with my daughters as they tackle high school math and has helped them to achieve higher grades. 

- Mother of Math 1 and Math 3 Students, January 16, 2018


I have seen a tremendous change in my son’s Math grades. Whereas, he was bringing home consistent F’s on Math assignments and tests, he made his first perfect 100 on a Math test. He now consistently makes A’s and B’s on most assignments (after a only month and a half in the program) and his teacher at school notes that he participates in class and is no longer afraid to ask questions about work in class. Incidentally, this confidence has spilled over into his other subjects and his grades have improved in those areas as well. I have been so grateful to the staff at Mathnasium for helping to immediately identify my son’s problem areas in Math, and give him a plan for plugging in those deficits. He has made friends in the program and loves their fun, incentive-driven community atmosphere. It is a win-win for the parents and the students.

- Mother of a 5th Grader, December 20, 2017


Wes is awesome! My daughter went from failing math 2 to a B! That alone says it all! Keep him around he is a GREAT asset to your company!

- Mother of a Math 2 Student, March 28, 2018


This is a very well organized place, from the communication between tutors and parents, the lesson plans, and the scheduling system. My emails are responded to in a timely and thorough fashion. I appreciate the confidence that this team at Wakefield has given my child in just two months. Keep up the great job, Wesley and team!

- Mother of a 5th Grader, March 14, 2018


My daugher was reluctant to go but after the first visit she was put at ease. Only wish we would have started sooner.

- Mother of Math 2 Student, June 14, 2018


Our first grader started with Mathnasium almost six months ago and she is showing improvement in Math. Where she was needing support in school, now she is meeting her goals and we are very happy for her that she enjoys math now! The staff is very friendly and inviting and she enjoys going to her classes there! We plan on continuing through the summer and next year!

- Mother of a First Grader, June 13, 2018


My daughter has learned a lot of useful math skills!! She likes the fact that Mathnasium offers a nurturing, friendly environment fostering fun and learning at the same time. The instructors are very nice and helpful.

- Mother of a 9th Grade Student in Math 3H, April 19, 2018


My daughter is now able to keep up with 7th grade math! Got her first report card A since starting middle school!!!

- Mother of a 7th Grader, March 29, 2018


Our grandson went to Mathnasium because he was having difficulty with math and was convinced he would never be able to succeed. After his Mathnasium experience, his attitude was completely positive and he has much more confidence in his math skills. He is a freshman in high school and his math grade for this report period is 97! Well worth it!!!!

- Mother of a 9th Grader, March 3, 2018





Parker started coming to Mathnasium in his 4th grade year because he was struggling greatly in math. Through lots of hard work and determination, he passed his 4th grade End-Of-Grade tests and is now in his 5th grade Academically Gifted program!



After almost 2 years with us, Chance has moved from being a below grade-level student to being ahead of his grade-level, and is now enrolled at one of Raleigh's most competitive private schools!



"Alie got 90% in last week's math exam! When we started Mathnasium, her grade was F, her grade last night went up to a B. Thank you so much for your help! It made a HUGE difference!" - Christine


"Mathnasium has been wonderful for our 7th grade daughter, who has flourished in the program's one-on-one instruction and practice. Not only has Mathnasium accelerated her learning of specific knowledge, systems, and skills -- enabling her to move up a notch in her school's tiered math classes -- but more importantly it has boosted her self-confidence and her enjoyment of math. She has gone from being frustrated by math to relishing it. We are very grateful for Mathnasium, which we give our strongest recommendation for any student at any skill level."

-Mother of a 7th grade Mathnasium student

I wanted to thank you and Mathnasium for your program and the support my son received from you, Devore, Dimitri, Emma and the other instructors that tutored Seth from November 2011 - May 2012.

As a result of Mathnasium's tutoring help, my son went from an F in November on his interim to receiving the highest score (100) on the Algebra I mid-term in his school and finished the 2nd Quarter and 1st Semester with a grade of B. In the second semester, with my son's new found confidence in Algebra I and with Mathnasium's tutoring support twice a week - , my son received a B in Algebra I in the 3rd quarter and started preparing for the End of Year Math exam and End of Course Algebra I exam.

I am pleased to tell you:
1) He received for the End of Grade exam a Scale Score of 377 and Percentile Rank of 97% (Level 4).
2) He received the Excellence in Math Award for the 4th quarter in his Algebra I class. He also received a Level 4 grade on his End of Course exam and finished the year with an "A" in the 4th quarter, an "A" for the 2nd semester, and an "A" for the Final Algebra I math grade.

The End of Grade exam's statement read - "Students performing at this level consistently perform in a superior manner clearly beyond that required to be proficient at grade level work!"

Thank you for your program, your teachers, and for giving him the skills and confidence to be able to persevere and excel in Algebra! I would highly recommend Mathnasium to any student struggling in Math, or wanting to brush up on their skills, or wanting to adequately prepare for exams!

-Mother of 8th grade algebra 1 Student


My children attended the Mathnasium and Mathnasium summer camps for many years. My twins began attending weekly from the time they were in the first grade.


There were times (over the years) my kids resisted attending their weekly math sessions. However, usually once we arrived at the center, the staff was very welcoming and had a positive attitude. The tutors always played math and critical thinking games with the children with opportunities to earn prizes. I think the fun and games is what kept my kids happiest about going to tutoring for so many years. Receiving one-on-one instruction is also very helpful.  I think kids do enjoy the attention, and that can be hard to get at school in a large classroom.


I believe the Mathnasium methods of instruction are effective in helping children learn math. Every student is at a different level, and the center gives the students assessments to see where the kids are.  Staff members keep parents updated on current progress, and the skills students are still working on.


 My children have developed an excellent foundation in math, particularly because I started them so young. Both kids score very high on standardized tests, and qualify for all the AP courses for their upcoming high school first year. I do give credit to the Mathnasium of North Raleigh for helping them develop extra math strategies/problem solving abilities they would not have picked- up by themselves, or from the classroom teacher. 

- Mother of 3 Mathnasium Students

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