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Power Up Your Child’s Confidence and Math Skills During the Summer

May 1, 2019

How will you ensure your child’s summer includes meaningful learning that prepares them for the new school year?

Mathnasium of Westchase's year-round instruction, during the school year and during the summer, offers a fun, positive and confidence building educational environment.  

The dreaded “Summer Slide,” “Summer Learning Loss," “Summer Slump,” “Summer Regression,” “Summer Brain Drain” … whatever you choose to call it … is real.   


Research proves this haze at the start of the school year can be avoided if kids stay engaged during summer vacations by participating in math education activities.  

The good news is those who participate in Mathnasium of Westchase's summer math learning and math tutoring programs retain, and even increase, their skills. And those skills last a long time. In fact, a RAND Corporation study determined the effects of summer math education and academic experiences last for at least two years.

During the summer, the majority of students lose the equivalent of two months of math skills. If you ask teachers about the skill level of their students in the fall, they’ll tell you children aren’t ready to pick up where they left off.  If those skills are not re-visited, or the students don’t understand the skills upon completing these reviews, children are in danger of falling behind in math as new concepts are unveiled.  Our friends at the Mathnasium of Tallahassee explain this really well! Check out their video segment below:

Will your child be ready for more difficult material in their new grade? 

Will they have to deal with FSA and EOC tests in their new class?

Are they prepared for the workload and increased volume of homework that advanced classes, such as Algebra, etc., require?

A student's membership in the math education program at Mathnasium of Westchase includes: 

  • Math instruction customized to your child’s abilities, learning style and pace.
  • Mathnasium trained instructors create a fun, positive and confidence building educational environment. Students want to go!
  • Flexible memberships. Start when you want, choose a membership program that fits with your summer plans. 
  • Drop-in sessions for Mathnasium members; no appointments or schedules necessary!
  • Strategies that develop a student’s abilities to work independently.
  • Parental support in the form of progress reports and monthly updates on skills mastered.
  • Growth based learning plans that are updated.
  • A proven track record of producing measurable results for:
    • Advanced and gifted students seeking math instruction for enrichment.
    • Students who need math tutoring assistance to learn for understanding, catch up and prepare for the new school year.
    • Math test prep for the SAT and ACT.

Summer is Uniquely Suited to Math Learning
Summer is a fantastic time for kids to learn math. Summer months provide children with a relaxed environment. This is conducive to clarifying and reinforcing learning and introducing new concepts. Without the burden of daily homework, children have more time, are less tired, and better focused. Westchase children in summer math learning programs make tremendous strides in a relatively short period of time.

Kids who participate in math academic programs retain and increase their skills in those subjects. 
Summer math programs aren’t just for kids who are struggling; they’re for anyone who wants to catch up, keep up, or get ahead. Students who excel in math love advanced math enrichment programs, allowing them to dig deeper into math topics and challenge themselves with new math concepts.

Power Up Your Child’s Summer
Imagine the boost to your child’s confidence when they do well on that first test of the school year. Rather than having to relearn last year’s math, they can start strong and improve on their knowledge, confidence and problem solving skills. Book your complimentary math skills assessment today to get started!