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Westchase Math Tutor Gets Results - Our Members Share their Stories

May 15, 2019

Mathnasium of Westchase Builds Confidence and Improves Math Abilities

Mathnasium of Tallahassee Confidence in Math - Tallahassee Tutoring and Math Learning CenterEach day families from Westchase, Hillsborough County, and Tampa, FL entrust the Mathnasium of Westchase team with their child’s education.  Our team is committed to extraordinary math tutoring and math instruction.  We are always striving to earn the trust and respect of the families we serve. 

Our belief in a child’s potential, and our devotion to helping them achieve it, creates opportunities.  The opportunity to find understanding in the classroom, to explore chosen career fields, and to succeed and achieve.

Below are stories of our families and how Mathnasium of Westchase has impacted their student’s lives:

K.M. (parent of a pre-algebra student):

I am very pleased to have my son enrolled at Mathnasium Westchase, the staff is very professional and caring. I receive monthly updates on my son's progress, which keeps me informed on the material that is being and will be introduced to him. I have personally used their services for my college courses, and recently passed trigonometry with an A. I highly recommend Mathnasium to you and your family, even if your child is not struggling with mathematics, it is great for them to be active with it and they'll incredibly learn "at Mathnasium" to love Math.

L.F. (parent of a 5th grader):

My daughter has had such a great experience with the tutors and staff. Her confidence has grown into excitement for Math. It's her favorite subject at school. As a mom I couldn't be more excited.

M.L. (parent of a 5th grader):

Mathnasium has made all the difference with our daughter. Prior to attending, she hated math. Now she not only loves it but looks forward to going every afternoon. I highly recommend Mathnasium!

K.P. (parent of a 6th grader):

My daughter and I LOVE Mathnasium!!!
We began attending May 1st 2018, my daughter a 5th grader going into 6th grade, was lacking the skills to do fractions succesfully.
She was a C student in math. So I decide to enroll her May thur Sept, so we can keep her mind learning all summer and catch her up. That was my goal. Well what i got was much more.
My daughter enjoys math now, she is always happy to go to Mathnasium. What I gained is a daughter that is now confident about her skills in math -that this confidence has now spilled over to her other subjects, she is excited to go to school. Most of all she is getting all A's 100's in 3 math test so far. i am so thrilled!! The cost of the program is expensive-- but so worth it , I clipped a few bills to help fund it and waited tables every Saturday to be able to pay for this . The smile on my daughters face as she hands me her test - is worth all the sacrifice I made.

We will do this every summer. Thank you so much Mathnasium

A.P. (parent of a 3rd and 6th grader):

My boys love this place! It has made a huge difference in their confidence in math!

S.S. (parent of a 7th grader):

Our son was placed in an advanced math class, and was struggling. Mathnasium helped him immensely. More than that, they made math fun for him. He actually looked forward to going to tutoring! The staff and owners are AWESOME!!!

L.M. (parent of a 5th grader):

My daughter went from dreading math to loving it! This place works!!!!

E.T.  (Parent of a 4th Grader):

My daughter loves attending. She has had a great experience and is very excited to learn!

J.V. (Parent of a 4th Grader):

I can see my son improvement already and he really likes going to Mathnasium!!

D.T. (Parent of an 8th Grader):

My son was having a terrible time in 8th grade. His teacher was not much help and he was getting Fs. Mathnasium quickly assessed where he needed help, started filling in the gaps and you could see his confidence build not just in math but it improved his confidence in other courses, Right away we could see results and now he has a B+. I’m convinced he could not have achieved his success without Maynasium. Thanks so much!

J.W. (Parent of a 6th Grader):

I registered my daughter for the summer classes she was struggling very hard with her maths her highest grade was a c after returning to school this term she has earned 2A already and the school term has just begun I will definitely be sending her back next summer.

M.L. (Parent of an 8th Grader):

My daughter was struggling with advanced Algebra, she was stressed out and ask for help. The guys at mathnasium sat down with her and took the stress right out of her mind. She is improving every week and I have no doubt her grades will go up.


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