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Three Tips to Achieving Success in Math Tutoring with the Mathnasium of Westchase Team

Apr 1, 2019

When students enroll at Mathnasium of Westchase, the process starts with a math assessment.  This provides our team of math instructors and tutors insight into the individual student’s strengths and weaknesses.  From there, we develop a personal learning plan for each child. 

Whether elementary school, middle school, or high school, a child’s math tutoring at Mathnasium’s learning center is unique to the student. There is no one-size fits all approach. 

Becoming a Mathnasium Member opens the door to possibilities:

-  Increase Self Confidence

-  Improve Math Abilities

-  Nurture Critical Thinking Capabilities

-  Grow Problem Solving Skills

George Polya once said: “Mathematics is not a spectator sport.”

Math is more than just a series of numbers and symbols on a page. It’s impossible to do well in math just sitting back and reading or listening.  It requires you to jump in and be an active participant.  

Here are three tips to maximize your math tutoring experience at Mathnasium of Westchase:

  • Consistency vs. Intensity:  Twice a year you visit a dentist for your teeth cleaning, x-rays, etc. That’s intense. After the visit, your teeth are shiny and clean. But, what if you never brushed your teeth between visits?  Intensity is not enough.  Whether it’s sports, playing an instrument or Math, consistent practice leads to long-term success.  Two to three times a week attendance at Mathnasium of Westchase helps put students on the right path. 
  • Set Goals and Manage Timeframe Expectations:  Mathnasium’s personalized learning plans are based on a student’s performance on our assessments. Improving math abilities and skills -- achieving true mastery of concepts – doesn’t happen overnight. Individual students progress at their own pace. It takes consistent effort. Students (and parents) who truly dedicate themselves and have a positive mental attitude toward doing the work needed to achieve success, will meet their goals.
  • Emphasize Long Term Development: Mathnasium emphasizes the long-term math development of our students. While we provide homework help, our services are not intended to simply get a student through tomorrow’s assignments or test. Our instructors and materials help students develop the foundation and advanced skills necessary for ongoing success in math,   both in the classroom and in life. This is true whether the student is working At, Above, or Below grade level.

With these three tips, families and the Mathnasium of Westchase instructors can develop a math tutoring plan that improves a student’s knowledge, confidence and problem-solving skills. 

Learn more about Mathnasium of Westchase’s key features:

  • Customized learning plans for students at any level or ability.
  • Math learning techniques that combine education with fun and engaging activities and games.  Students will want to go. 
  • A proven track record of producing measurable results for:
    • Advanced and gifted students seeking math instruction for enrichment.
    • Students who need math tutoring assistance to learn for understanding, catch up and prepare for the new school year.
    • Math test prep for the SAT and ACT.

Schedule your child's complimentary math skills assessment today and them the math skills they need to succeed in life!