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News from Mathnasium of West Lexington

@home Day 1 Update

Apr 2, 2020

Mathnasium Family,
I wanted to encourage you to Be Strong. Something as simple as duct tape on a sidewalk can reflect so much light in the darkness!! Let us Be Strong in the darkness our world is traveling through at this moment in history.
I want to give huge shout outs to my incredible co-workers at Mathnasium today. Sandy, Kelli, Haley, and Ben were rock stars as we went live with Mathnasium @home today. They worked through some first day glitches and ended up being able to connect with several students today to help with math, and hopefully give our students some sense of normal in their day today. These awesome Mathnasium people even worked through my mistake of giving our families the wrong link to get logged in to their session. I am grateful for families and a team who can work through mistakes (especially my mistakes) to serve our students. I am so excited to get into our @home groove over the next few days. I also want to thank our guinea pigs today who helped us learn so much in how to better serve our families as we move forward. I know there will be glitches along the way, but I am thankful to serve such high quality people who can help Mathnasium overcome these glitches!! The overall thing I took away from today was seeing instructors shine as they were able to connect with your students. I saw parents who were standing up for their children to give those children a wonderful opportunity to grow in their math journey. I saw students today help teach us as we attempted to help them in the midst of an incredibly difficult time in our country's history. Thank you to all for making today a resounding success!!
I also want to let those of you who have not joined us for a wonderful @home experience it is not too late to join us. Mathnasium is here to serve our students and we are so excited to learn in the midst of great uncertainty how we can adapt to best serve our students. If you are interested in joining our @home team just give us a call or text at (859) 219-0001, send us an email, or check out our website for more information.
It makes me proud to be part of a community who so values how they can benefit the incredible children of our community. If Mathnasium can be a part of serving the children of our community and providing opportunities for our children to far surpass anthing we have every accomplished, we would be honored to help serve. May your family be blessed with safety and health in this difficult times. May we all take advantage of this difficulty to grow far beyond what we thought our ceiling might be. We look forward to serving your family (hopefully in our Center sooner rather than later) as we grow through this difficulty.
Tim Scifres
(859) 219-0001