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Mathnasium Update (Saturday, March 21st)

Mar 20, 2020


Dear Mathnasium Parent,
I first want to check in and see how you and your family are doing. How has the first week of 'homeschool' going? I have seen many humorous memes on social media. One of my favorites was the teacher saying two hours into the school day and one student is skipping while the other student has already been suspended!! I hope you are finding ways to laugh and enjoy more time with your family than you might have had in a while.
Albert Einstein once said, "In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity." We are definitely in the middle of a difficulty, and I believe we have a great opportunity with Mathnasium @Home. As an educator and a parent, I am concerned that our students are able to at the very least maintain and at the very best progress in their education over this extended break. I am convinced we are at a time in our society that is much better equipped to help students continue growing in their education while school is out of session. I know that this program being rolled out by Mathnasium is providing our children and students a wonderful opportunity to continue growing. The way Mathnasium has designed this program is to keep activities the same, just with the locations being differently. Your children who participate in @Home will continue with their Mathnasium binder work and their homework while receiving face-to-face live instruction. I have added a link to a video that does a great job of showing how @Home is going to work. This video is the story of how Mathnasium @Home as worked for one Mathnasium Learning Center.
Sandy and I have been busy at Mathnasium this week preparing for the roll out of Mathnasium @Home. Thank you to so many parents who have expressed interest, and trust me, we are getting closer each day to going live with this exciting program. The Mathnasium home office also has been working very hard this week to upgrade their capabilities to handle the huge influx of students that is being added to this system. Thus, we are still waiting for them to have the @Home system ready so that any technical glitches that might arise will be small and not system wide. Sandy and I are hopeful to get things up and running later this coming week. We will be in touch with details as we get focused on a solid starting date. Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we attempt to meet a need of your student and hopefully provide some 'normal' time for them.  Feel free to let us know if you decide you are interested in @Home for your child.
You can keep up to date with things at Mathnasium by checking us out on FacebookInstagramTwitter, or our Website. We will also be sending emails and texts to keep you updated. Let us know if we can do anything to help your family. Sandy and I both hope you are all well and healthy. We are counting the days with great anticipation until we can see everyone back in the Center!!
Tim Scifres
Owner, Mathnasium of West Lexington
(859) 219-0001