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News from Mathnasium of West Lexington

Well Deserved Break!

Jun 9, 2022

by Tim Scifres


I remember the day vividly…Friday, March 13th, 2020. Little did I know how unlucky this Friday the 13th would become. This was the last normal school day for many months we would experience here in Lexington. Our break was supposed to be the next week, then spring break, to give us two weeks to allow us to flatten the curve of this crazy virus. We are all aware of how those two weeks have turned into over two years of getting back to a somewhat normal routine in and out of school. As school is finishing for most very soon, I have been reflecting over some of these massive changes we have all experienced these past couple of years.


As an educator, this has been the most extraordinary time in my 20+ years of teaching. This profession has been put in a position to completely change our entire delivery method to our students. From collaborating with my incredible colleagues at MLK Academy in Lexington during March of 2020 to designing educational tasks on the fly for our students to finish the school year. Then to change our delivery method completely again to begin the next school year virtually. So much preparation went into learning how to present our students with fulfilling and challenging educational opportunities virtually. The next major change occurred when we opened schools back up but had many students who chose to stay virtual for the rest of the school year. This brought to our plate preparing for in-person and online students each day. Now, I hope to never have to hear the word quarantine again after the start of this school year! I know educators everywhere are fulfilled by the changes they made to meet their student’s needs but are exhausted from the past two and a half school years.


Mathnasium has also seen many major changes over the past couple of years. We made the decision to temporarily close our center on Monday, March 15, 2020, not knowing what the future would hold or how long we would be closed. The timing of Mathnasium releasing the @Home program where we could offer online sessions was a lifesaver as we offered online only for two months. Then in June 2020, we welcomed students back into the center with a myriad of safety precautions and cleaning systems to protect our staff and students. It was such a joy to see students back in-person. It has been so wonderful to provide a place for kids to come and, hopefully, experience some normalcy for a little while each day they come to our center. We are so grateful to the families who entrusted the safety of their kids to us in such an uncertain time!!


Our home lives have also been greatly affected over the past couple of years. The pace of life slowed so significantly at home for several months, which led to some nice times as a family. However, the uncertainty was still ever present at home as we learned to deal with not really having options of going places or taking trips. In some ways, I miss the slow pace of life over those months but am also glad to see things coming back to the normalcy we will have moving forward.


This summer is shaping up to be a return to the most normal summer we have had in a couple of years. This summer seems like it will be a time where many can exhale and do some more normal things. My girls already have their public pool passes for the summer and are excited to get back in the pool. I know we will never get back to the normal we knew in early 2020, but right now we are getting back to living life again. The massive stresses for us all over the past couple of years have cumulative effects. I see these effects in my colleagues at school, in our students at Mathnasium, in my own family. There is tiredness, lack of patience, irritability, anxiety, and a lesser ability to manage changes. I see some of these stress effects in my life and the lives of others. Many of us are wound up tight as a drum from navigating these past couple of years. As we get this summer started, I am hopeful we can all find time to exhale, decompress, and rejuvenate our physical and mental bodies. Let us work towards making the summer of 2022 a time of recovery, rest, and continued growth for ourselves, and most importantly for our kids. Personally, we all deserve this summer break!