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Ready to take a chance on Mathnasium?

Apr 25, 2021

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Is Mathnasium worth the money?

Does Mathnasium really make a difference?

Wondering if you should take a chance on Mathnasium? 

Here are the 3 top reasons why we (highly) encourage you to give Mathnasium of Westmere a try:

1. Custom Crafted Math Education. We all remember math class, right? A group of students in a classroom who are all different. Different learning styles, different levels of retention, different starting points. TalentNook explains it this way: "With the average American classroom having approximately 25+ students, personalized attention to weaknesses doesn't happen."

At Mathnasium of Westmere, we offer a completely individualized learning experience. We start by giving a comprehensive math placement assessment; this will reveal all the strengths and weaknesses of your student. After the initial assessment, we begin a custom-built learning experience that addresses the student's weaknesses and continues to build on their strengths. 

2. One-on-One attention. Why is Math tutoring so effective? Because it offers what the traditional classroom/teacher combo lack: ample time and connection. Our specialized math tutors go at the pace your child dictates. Need extra time with fractions? You got it. Zooming through percentages? No problem. Mathnasium instructors honor the tempo the student sets. We give our students time for one-on-one instruction, time for independent thinking, and time for practice. 

3. Results. If you're still on the fence about trying Mathnasium, just look at our outstanding results. (We're more than happy to share them with you:)  93% of parents reported an improved attitude in their students after attending Mathnasium. 94% of parents saw an improvement in their children's math skills and understanding. And a whopping 90% saw an improvement in their school grades. 

One satisfied parent noted, "Mathnasium has not only helped in math, it has helped in all her subjects. All of Kailee's grades have improved."

Come try Mathnasium of Westmere and let's make sure that your child is our next success story.