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Frequently Asked Questions: Mathnasium

Mar 24, 2020

How do I schedule sessions for my child?

Enrolled student can schedule their @home sessions at

Are we using ZOOM now?

Yes! We are using Zoom which is a one-click easy setup.

How do I see/change/cancel a scheduled session?

Each time you schedule a session, you should get an email with the session link that you can use to change/cancel.

You can also Create a TimeTap Account using the "Register" button on the top-right (image for reference below) before scheduling a session, that way you can see and manage all your sessions registered under your account.

For more ease, please install the TimeTap app on your mobile.

  1. iPhone App:
  2. Android App:

Do I need to print anything to prepare for my session?

No, we have everything prepared before the student session.

What do I need to set-up for my first @home session?

You just need a computer/laptop/iPad connected to the internet.

You can join your session on your computer/laptop/tablet, you just need to join the Zoom Classroom and you are all set.

Students can use a Mouse pen or Stylus as its easier for students to use it on the whiteboard. If you want to try a mouse pen or stylus you can borrow one from us before buying.

(Preferred by many students) You can use a Tablet with Stylus, you need to:

  1. Install Zoom app 
  2. Click 'Join a Meeting'
  3. Enter Center Phone Number (206-800-MATH(6284)) as the Meeting Id
  4. Enter 'Student Name'
  5. Click Join

How do I use the Zoom link ?

The zoom link that you received in your appointment email from us is just one click setup. When you click the link in your Chrome browser you will see a popup. You can either 1.Click "Open Zoom" to install the Zoom app OR select 2."Join from your browser".


Homework Help

Your child can always bring their homework to the center to get help during their session. For @home, If your child needs help with homework and their homework is on paper, please scan and email  pdf/word/image of the homework to at least 24 hours before their online session. If the homework is already online, students can screen share and we can help them through screen sharing.

Shadowing the Student

We recommend that you let our trained instructors interact with, teach and guide your students during the session. Please do not provide additional instruction or give your students answers as this may cause confusion and impact their understanding of the material.

Have questions for the Instructor

The instructor who is working with your student will also be working with other students at the same time, rotating between 1-3 students. To ensure they provide the highest level of instruction to all Mathletes, please contact the center directly with any questions or other information that may need to be communicated.  The instructor will not be able to relay information or engage in conversations with anyone besides the student.

Rewards Program

Students love our rewards program where they earn points for their achievements and for mastering new concepts. The instructors will keep a count of stars and spins earned during each session, which your student will be rewarded when they transition back to the in-center program. If they have many stars accumulated that they want to use, they are welcome to come to the center during the center open hours to redeem them.