100 for 100 New Reward

Jan 17, 2022 | Location West Wichita

Announcing our new $100 reward: "100 FOR 100"

We will give away $100.00 to one student each month.

How it works.
When a student answers all questions perfectly for a 100% score on a Master Check (quiz) they get a choice.  They can take a full star card (as we've done in the past)  OR they can enter that card in to our drawing bucket. 
On the last day of the month we draw a name at random from that month's entries. 
The student (name) drawn wins $100 in cash !
$100 for 100% Master Checks.
(the Mastery Check "challenge question" is not included.  That is just for extra credit)
We start over every month.  The more "100% entries, the better chance of winning the $100.00
Now our rewards involve real green cash!
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