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When Should I Join Mathnasium of Georgetown?

Jan 18, 2019

When is the best time to enroll in a math program at Mathnasium of Georgetown? The simple answer is any time. Like most families, you are juggling schedules and budgets, so you may want to focus on a particular program or time of year. We have broken down our programs into three categories of Talent Development, Maintenance (on grade level), and Rising Star (behind grade level).

Our Talent Development Program is for TAG and accelerated students looking for enrichment and advanced math opportunities. They thrive in math at an early age, often finding themselves bored in class, enjoy the challenge of advancing their skills, and being around others who also love math! These are college bound students, typically looking to enter STEM or Health Care fields that will require upper level math courses such as Calculus AB or BC, and Statistics, along with combination of AP and Pre-AP courses. They are also preparing to excel in PSAT, SAT, or ACT, and would often be a Duke TIP identified student.

Here is the snapshot of when to enroll:

For our Maintenance Program (on grade level), these are also college bound students, who would be working toward Pre-Calculus or Calculus AB as their math course, excelling on the SAT or ACT, taking Pre-AP and AP courses. These students often need support to explain concepts beyond the classroom for full understanding, support on homework and test prep.

Here is a snapshot of when to enroll:

We love to work with families who recognize the importance of math and its cornerstone in education. Sometimes students fall behind, and we have our Rising Star and Math Masters Programs to help them catch-up to grade level. These students vary in many ways in their ultimate post-graduation plans, but these may include Community College, Trades, or 4-yr College. Our goal is always to make the catch-up efficient, moving them to grade level as quickly as possible.

Here is a snapshot of when to enroll:

The timelines reflect the optimal time to enroll to receive the maximum benefit of a particular program or focus at a given time in the year. We work with students in Round Rock and Georgetown in public, charter, and private schools. Give us a call to discuss your goals, schedule a complementary assessment, and plan for enrollment. 512.763.7587 (PLUS)

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