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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

Dave Bannen, Center Director

Dave grew up in West County, and graduated from the Parkway school district. He has learned that one of the most important attributes a parent can give a child is confidence. The Mathnasium Method will build confidence in a student's ability to solve real world problems. With confidence and understanding grades go up, and windows of opportunity open. Dave graduated from the University of Missouri Columbia with Bachelor of Science Degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; minoring in Mathematics. After spending 20+ years in the semi-conductor industry he knows how important a strong mathematics back ground is to advancing a career.


 Daniel Duenke, Assistant Center Director

 Sadie, Instructor Sadie, Instructor

Becky Benson, Instructor

 Clayton, Instructor

 Mallory, Instructor

  Ayesha, Instructor


Zaim  Zaim, Instructor


 Margarret Woodburn, Instructor

Tucker Tucker, Instructor

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Our staff consists of highly qualified, experienced, and rigorously trained individuals who must first pass a comprehensive set of verbal and written assessments covering all aspects of mathematics and instruction philosophy before even being considered for a position.  Finally, all instructors are required to undergo continuous training.

Our staff does an excellent job of teaching math; they create a positive, enthusiastic atmosphere providing the support and encouragement your child may need.  All of our instructors are patient, passionate about math and love to work with children. They are there to help your child succeed in school and in life. We welcome you to drop by and meet us anytime!

Background Checks

Background checks are an essential part of the hiring process.  Each instructor is required to submit to and pass a comprehensive local and national criminal and sex offender back ground check. 


Larry Martinek, Founder of the Mathnasium Method

Larry Martinek, Chief Instructional Officer, Developer of Mathnasium Program. 

Larry has spent his entire career finding a better way to teach math. From inner city to public schools, to acclaimed magnet schools, to leading private and parochial schools, Larry has served as both a classroom teacher and as an educational consultant. He has designed curriculum, teaching strategies, and teaching materials designed to help students and teachers learn math more effectively. He has trained teachers in the art and science of boosting student's ability to "do" math, thereby increasing student's math scores and feeling of self-worth. Larry is the developer of Mathnasium's educational program - one of the most comprehensive and innovative curriculums ever produced for teaching math.

While Larry is not an Instructor at our Center, He is a valuable asset we can call on to ask about specific students scenarios for guidance and advise. This has helped to make visits more productive and enjoyable for many of our students. 

Steve Jobs on Education:

"It is so much more hopeful to think that technology can solve the problems that are really more human, more organizational, and more political in nature (like education) but it can't."

"I absolutely don't believe that technology is the most important thing....The most important thing (in education) is another person. Another person that guides your curiosity, that insights your curiosity, that feeds your curiosity. Machines cannot do that in the same way that people can. Computers are reactive...Kids need a guide, they don't need an assistant."