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Our Results

At Mathnasium, we help kids understand math by teaching the way that makes sense to them. Children who consistently attend sessions at our learning centers enjoy a transformative learning experience and make huge strides in the classroom.

Attitude: When math makes sense, kids develop a more positive attitude toward math.

Understanding: Mathnasium teaches for understanding, giving students the ability to succeed in any math environment. As Larry Martinek, Mathnasium’s Chief Instructional Officer notes, “It's pretty easy to forget things you memorize and near impossible to forget things you understand."

School Progress: When kids learn math in a way that they truly understand, they achieve greater success in the classroom.

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What types of children attend Mathnasium?

A gymnasium develops the body. Mathnasium develops the mind. Mathnasium is a learning center where students 2nd – 12th grade go to boost their confidence and math skills!
Did you know that many of our students are working on math concepts well above their grade level? Let us help nurture your child's natural love for STEM related fields of study.  Children that are highly gifted come here for more challenging enrichment. Children that are behind in math come here to catch up, keep up, get ahead, and improve their confidence.  Call us today at (636) 875-1175 to learn how we can help!

   Listen to what our students have to say!



Wildwood Parent Comments

Our daughter has learned so many math skills over the last few months thanks to Mathnasium. Her attitudes about math and herself have improved, and she actually enjoys going to the tutoring sessions. Also, the tutors there are great.
Thanks again! 

David, parent of an 8th grade student, LaSalle Springs Middle School


Thanks Dave,
Please feel free to use us a reference. In fact, we’ve recommended you to several other families and will continue to do so.  As I mentioned, our daughter is no longer worried about math tests and she is getting back the confidence that she struggled with earlier in the school year. In fact, last night she was playing the math tutor to her little sister by helping her prepare for an upcoming math test.
Thanks again, 

Jim, parent of a 5th grade student, Pond Elementary

Just so you know,….  from what I’ve seen you guys do an awesome job and  William loves Mathnasium, he loves it! 

Teresa, Parent of a 2nd grade student, Ellisville Elementary


My son loves going to Mathnasium. He struggles with math facts and they have helped him figure out quick ways of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing numbers without memorizing. This has improved his understanding of how numbers fit together. It lets him concentrate on the concepts; he actually understands WHY he's doing what he's doing. It's made a huge difference. He's much more confident and he's always smiling when I pick him up. Definitely a great choice if your child needs help in math. 

Debbie Ward, Parent of a 7th grade student, LaSalle Springs Middle School 


Dear Dave,
Just a quick note to let you know how effective Mathnasium has been for my son. He is an 8th grader in a challenging Algebra II program that got very abstract, very quickly. Although trying to get him through the door for the first session was worse than trying to give a cat a bath, he has willingly attended every session since! He's made great strides in a short period of time. My only regret is that we waited so long to get started. Mathnasium will be our "go-to" resource in the years to come. Thank you for the knowledgeable, encouraging, friendly staff. It makes all the difference!
Most sincerely,
Danielle Morgenthaler  Parent of an 8th grade Priory student


We were looking for some math help for my middle school aged daughter. My husband noticed Mathnasium in the shopping center and we thought we would look into what they had to offer. After a little over 3 months at Mathnasium, my daughter's grade has gone from a D- to a C. Now it may not seem like a big jump, but it was for us. My daughter was struggling with pre-algebra. Mathnasium has given her some basic math skills that seemed to have been causing some of her difficulties in math class. She has also gained some of her confidence back in the classroom. We are very impressed with the instructors at Mathnasium. Not only are they knowledgeable but also patient.
-Mary Pearce
Parent of a 7th grade student, Rockwood Valley Middle School



I just wanted to let you know how positive our daughters Mathnasium experience has been!  

After the first visit she had a great attitude about your program and the teachers. After just three sessions, she is much more confident about math. She believes she will be able to succeed in her math classes this semester and in the future.  We look forward to her progress!

Thank you so much for helping my daughter change her attitude about math!


Julia Smith, parent of a 10th grader, Eureka High School

Our daughter has always struggled in math class.  Over the last several years, we have worked with tutors during the school year and over the summer months.  When she started sixth grade this past Fall, she was struggling to maintain a "C" average and the homework activity was more of a battle to get done due to her lack of confidence and general dislike for math.
We began to seek options beyond tutoring and saw the Mathnasium building when we did our grocery shopping.  We visited and were immediately impressed with the facility but less impressed when we heard the curriculum would not be homework centric and reinforcing what she was learning at school.  The Mathnasium director assured us that developing a "specific need" curriculum would build math skills, confidence and improve her competency in math.  We made the leap of faith.  As the year progressed, we began to see amazing results!  Gradually, the math grade rose, ending the first semester at 85%.  At the beginning of the second semester, our daughter set a personal goal of getting a 90% in math.  She has raised her score to 88% with a few weeks left.  Most importantly, as the year has gone on, her confidence and desire to work on math without supervision has also increased.
Mathnasium is not a replacement for parental oversight of your child's development.  We have stayed acutely focused on our daughter's progress and assignments.  The results speak for themselves.  We will be continuing the same program as our daughter moves into 7th grade.  
We are confident that Mathnasium can deliver positive results.

Angie & Bill Gossman  parents of a 6th grade, LaSalle Springs Middle School


Student Comments

“Within the 2 days I have been here, I know more about math than my whole life in school.”  
       Justin 7th grade,  Rockwood Valley MS

“I love this place.”  
       Emma 5th grade,  Blevins Elementary

“74% of 50;  half of 26.7;  -16 + 7….. It’s soo fun…..I don’t want to leave!”  
       Laura 5th grade,  Chesterfield Day School

“It makes Sense!”  
       Royce 12th grade, Lafayette High School

“Coming here makes Math easy.”  
       Abbey 6th grade, LaSalle Middle School

“Mathnasium has helped me get better grades on tests and better understand what I am learning in school.” 

      Abbey 7th grade, Rockwood Valley Middle School

“Mathnasium helped me better prepare for my upcoming test.” 

      Cassandra 12th grade LHS AP Honors Calculus student

Instructor Comments

"I love teaching at Mathnasium! I have always loved math and it is fun to pass on that love to the students that come into the center. The other instructors also make the process enjoyable. I wish this could be my full-time job!"  Amber Schlomar, Mathnasium Instructor, Wildwood, MO


"It’s rewarding to see students better understand; and I’ve seen as their math skills improve so does their confidence, not only in math but in general." 

Ian Pate, Mathnasium Instructor, Wildwood, MO


"It is both a privilege and a pleasure to be part of the instructional team at Mathnasium Wildwood.  We all work extremely hard to be the best at what we do in offering a fresh & fun approach to learning math skills."

Becky Benson, Mathnasium Instructor, Wildwood, MO


“I like working at Mathnasium because I can really help make a difference in the lives of the students who come in.  The students really respond well to the teaching methods, and there is nothing more rewarding than watching a concept “click” with them.   We approach teaching the students in a way that makes everything relate, building on other concepts to teach new ones.” 

John Schultz, Mathnasium Instructor, Wildwood, MO


"I love working at Mathnasium because of the consistently positive and encouraging environment.  It's a lot of responsibility to teach kids as well as shape their attitude towards a subject that's so important.  I'm so grateful for the amazing students and team members I've met there! 

Margaret Woodburn, Mathnasium Instructor, Wildwood, MO