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News from Mathnasium of Wilton

Problems of the week - 03-11-2020

Mar 11, 2020

Lower Elementary: Question: Jack builds a sand castle with 8 different sand molds. The smallest mold holds 11/2 cups of sand. The next mold holds 3 cups of sand. The third mold holds 6 cups of sand, and the fourth holds 12 cups of sand. If ...

Problems of the Week - 03-04-2020

Mar 4, 2020

Lower Elementary: Question: A clown makes 11 balloon poodles, 15 balloon octopuses, 4 balloon flowers, and a balloon giraffe. How many balloon animals does the clown make? Answer: 27 balloon animals Solution: The clown makes three differe...

Why Elena's Parents are Smart to Enroll Her Early in Mathnasium

Mar 4, 2020

Elena used to be mad at math, but now she likes it a whole lot better. She describes her instructors as helpful and the lessons easy to understand. If your child is struggling with math, do what Elena's parents did! Enroll him/her in...

How Does Arun Handle a Math Pop Quiz, and How Will You?!

Feb 28, 2020

Arun is one example of hundreds. Math confidence, describing his experience as "fun" and enjoying a boost in school performance are characteristic of any Mathnasium student. Check out his genuine responses in this video interview a...

Problems of the Week 02/24/2020

Feb 25, 2020

Lower Elementary: Question: It takes 5 batteries to power 1 flashlight. It takes 4 batteries to power 1 radio. Which of the following requires more batteries: 3 flashlights and 2 radios or 4 flashlights and 1 radio? Answer: 4 flashlights a...

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