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Student Reward Systems: How Far Can We Fill the Star Jar?

Oct 5, 2018

Rewarding Students is Part of the Program

Keeping kids motivated is important here at Mathnasium of Broomfield South. A motivated student attends more often, is more attentive, enjoys the experience more, and improves his or her math skills much faster.  As part of our student reward system, each student receives a reward card that we punch a hole in each time they complete a page of math error free. Once a 2-15 page lesson topic packet is completed, the students do a "mastery check" page that they must get 100% on. When they do, they get to spin a prize wheel packed with additional reward like extra star punches and treats.

Reward Cards

There are five levels of reward cards. Beginning students start with Level 1, with 24 stars on a card. After 6 months, students graduate to Level 2, a red card with 18 stars to punch. After 12 months enrolled, they move to level 3, a black card with 12 stars to punch. At 18 months enrolled, they move to level 4 and 11 stars to punch. After 24 months, they achieve the final level 5 and only 10 stars per card.

Completed reward cards can be redeemed at our prize cabinet, featuring everything from candy to toys, bluetooth speakers, nerf guns, and gift cards. Students can spend often on lower level items or save up for more expensive rewards. This provides a "secret" economics lesson on the power of saving!

Introducing the Star Jar!

Now, we are collecting these "star punches" into the new Star Jar! All our students will contribute to the jar monthly, and at the end of the month each and every student will receive 1, 2, or 4 full cards as a way to congratulate them on regular attendance and great work. Do more math and get more rewards with the Star Jar!