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Don’t Get Stuck with the Costs of Remedial College Math

Oct 24, 2017

The quality of your child’s math education in high school greatly impacts their future in college. Learn the reality of college math now, so you can make adjustments.

At least twenty percent of entering college freshman have to take a remedial math class before they can take a college level math course. This happens because they do not score well on the college math placement tests.

Remedial math courses cost money but don’t count towards graduation. Students placed in remedial math courses find this extra expense of time and money aggravating.  Even worse, students who must enroll in remedial courses often do not earn their degree.

Who Usually Needs to Take Remedial College Math?

Students who need remedial college math usually fall into one of these groups.

1.     High school students who focused so much time and energy on sports that they didn’t learn as much math as they should have

2.     Students who consistently struggled in math

3.     Students whose high school math courses were not rigorous enough

4.     Adult students who haven’t taken a math class in many years

Many kids and parents just don’t know that it is easier (and often less expensive!) to get extra help in math in high school than it is in college.


How to Avoid Remedial College Math

Legislators and educators are working toward reducing the number of college freshman needing to take a remedial course. Students and parents who realize the expense and time of college level course work are highly motivated to improve math understanding taking the placement test.

Mathnasium of CHATSWORTH can be part of the solution to avoiding remedial math classes. Not everyone knows that we welcome high school students and adult learners, but we do. And we are a much better value than most tutors.

Plus we customize our proprietary curriculum to your needs, so you only pay for the instruction you need.

Don’t let a little math placement test squash your college dreams. Come get the help you need and avoid college remediation courses. Give us a call today!  818-867-9060

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