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Why is learning math so important?

May 19, 2019

Starting with basic addition and subtraction, the initial purpose of mathematics may be clear. Knowing how to add and subtract in daily life is clearly applicable to things like grocery shopping and spending money. But when it comes to more complex problems such as exponents, basic algebra, and even fractions, it’s much harder to understand the reasons for it all, so here are some real world applications of math!

1.Science – Most sciences require the use of advanced mathematics. Whether it is using exponential equations to calculate the predicted amount of bacteria in a dish, or using parametric equations to calculate the position of a particle, most people hoping to go into a scientific field as a career will need to have sufficient math skills to excel in their field.

2.Tips – In order to tip as expected at restaurants, most people need to understand how to easily find how much their 15% tip is going to be and add it to their total order! This skill is paramount to adult life.

3.Budgeting – Keeping control of your income and making sure you don’t overspend is an important life skill, and it is not possible without an understanding of percentages for keeping track of taxes, addition and subtraction, as well as percentages, and more!

4.Testing – Throughout your education, you’ll be studying mathematics. Skills in the subject are therefore especially important to your future. Given that half of the SAT has to do with math up to Algebra 2, and that this test, as well as other mandatory math courses in high school, have specific ramifications for high school and even college graduation, math plays a clearly consequential role. As a skill to have that is helpful to academic success, which is tied (to an extent) to success later in life, math is an important educational foundation.

5.Critical Thinking Skills – While this reason is less tangible, math is important to forming a method of thinking that relies on logic. Critical thinking, and using what you know to figure out what you don’t, is a skill that is useful in all of life.

I hope you understand better now why we learn math! And if you or your child is having any trouble in this subject, come to a Mathnasium today. We will take care of you or your child’s individual needs with our self-paced and personalized courses to improve you or your child’s skills. We are located at 630 N Pacific Coast Hwy #13A and also reachable at (310) 616-3181 for a free consultation.