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Problems of the Week, November 6, 2017

Nov 6, 2017


Lower Elementary:

Question: Liza sells 2 bunches of violets for 6 pennies. If each bunch has 6 violets, then how many violets cost a penny?

Upper Elementary:

Question: Henry teaches language lessons. His most expensive lessons cost 60 pounds, and his least expensive lessons cost 1 shilling. If 20 shillings make 1 pound, then what is the range in language lesson prices? Give your answer in pounds and shillings.

Middle School:

Question: Clara, Freddy, Henry, and Liza are all sitting together on a sofa. Clara is sitting next to Henry, and Freddy is not. Clara and Freddy are both between two people, and Liza is not. Liza is to the left of Henry. From left to right, in what order are they sitting?

Algebra and Up:

Question: It’s 9:31 am and Alfred is running late for his wedding. He runs 500 yards to catch a taxi, which takes him 12 miles to the church at an average rate of 30 miles per hour. If Alfred makes it to the church exactly on time at 10:00 am, then what is his average running speed per second from 9:31 am until he leaves in the taxi?