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Challenge of the Week

Feb 9, 2017

Lower Elementary:

Question: Wyatt has 20 stickers. He wants to give 6 to his friend Henry, 7 to his friend Ellie, and 8 to his friend Noah. How many stickers will Wyatt have left over?


Upper Elementary:

Question: Christian has two-thirds of a pound of chocolate chips. Kaylee has 0.25 pounds of chocolate chips. How much more do they need to have a whole pound of chocolate chips?


Middle School:

Question: Gabriel scores 40 points on his fifth of five quizzes, increasing his average score to 32 points. What was Gabriel’s average score after the first four quizzes?


Algebra and Up:

Question: Matthew bets Nora a pepperoni pizza that if he rolls a pair of six-sided dice, the resulting sum will be a prime number. Nora takes the bet. What are the odds that Nora will win?