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Do Artists Need Math?

Sep 21, 2018

Welcome back to Mathnasium of Yukon's weekly blog! This week we continue our discovery of how math and art are intertwined in Rhett Allain's analysis of Pablo Picasso's innovation of the cubism art form! In the article below, be prepared to discov...

Why I teach math through knitting

Sep 14, 2018

Hey mathematicians! We're back with out weekly math related article! This week our article is about the real world uses of math and how we shouldn't make the words mathematics and calculation synonymous. A huge thank you to Sara Jensen and theconv...

Scared Of Math? Here's One Way To Fight The Fear

Sep 7, 2018

At Mathnasium of Yukon we like to search the web and find article about math and how it relates to or can help your life.  We're the math experts here and we like to share anything we can to make math easier for kids!  Below is an article we found...

The Math Principles Behind Juggling

Aug 31, 2018

  We're back again with another exciting article about the many applications of Math! This week, we take a look at how math is used to optimize Juggling. We hope you enjoy the article, and have a great week!     The Mathematics of Ju...

Should We Encourage Kids To Do 'Extra' Math?

Aug 27, 2018

Hey Mathletes!  We posted on our Mathnasium of Yukon blog an article back on Aug 9th that seems to be creating a stir!  This a response article to our August 9th article.  While we agree with both articles and their overall theme, we may not agree...

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