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News from Mathnasium of Zionsville

Exciting Center Updates!

Oct 30, 2019

Exciting updates are coming to your Zionsville Mathnasium! The center has been reorganized, especially in the front. The main desk and office area have been moved to the front of the center to stay more engaged with students and parents. We still have a parent waiting area, student binder shelves, a student game area, and student prizes; these areas have been rearranged for a more inviting entrance that flows into the student area.

 This year, every Mathnasium is going through a brand refresh, as the Mathnasium Franchise is almost 20 years old. Over the next year, you will see fresh wall-art, brand material, and content. The learning has not changed, it is just getting a makeover.

Get excited for more reward opportunities! There are two games: Mastery Plinko and the Prize Wheel. Students will do Plinko after mastering each subject and will win stamps for mastery of the subject. The Prize Wheel is spun based on student attendance or when they complete an assessment. Rewards for this range from a completed reward card to a triple stamp day! 

We have worked to improve instruction as well; it’s the same great learning, with new and upgraded practices. With our previous teaching methods, students were free to jump around in their learning, which often lead to them avoiding hard topics (which inevitably meant a week of nothing but the hard stuff they’d skipped)!  We’ve restructured their curricula, so topics are assigned and managed in real-time by instructors, day-by-day.  In this way students have a better average pace, feel more confident by spreading out difficult subjects rather than allowing them to pile up, and ultimately gain a more whole understanding of their material.

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