Our staff is built to teach each student individually, to develop the skills they need to thrive in mathematics, and to foster a love of learning.

Deza Alonzaga

Admin Manager
Deza is the Admin Manager at Mathnasium, Knowledge Village. She graduated at Central Philippine University with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. She was the first Mathnasium employee in the UAE back in 2008! She is a compassionate Admin Manager who truly cares about the employees, students, and parents; always listening to their concerns. She has a close personal relationship with everyone, making the Center a positive space. She always has the team's interest in mind and is very transparent at work. She is the heart and soul of Mathnasium, Knowledge Village. She loves baking and listening to music outside work.

Ricel Alonzaga

Admin Assistant
Ricel is the Admin Assistant at Mathnasium, Knowledge Village. He graduated at John B. Lacson College Foundation in the Philippines with a bachelor's degree in Marine Transportation. He enjoys the light-hearted environment and amazing team at Mathnasium, Knowledge Village that encourages him to go to work every day. He is approachable and very friendly to everyone. Students and parents alike adore him and his infectious positivity in the Center. Kids love to interact with him while waiting for their parents to pick them up. He plays online games during his free time.

Ronell Reyes

Lead Instructor
Ronell is the Lead Instructor at Mathnasium, Knowledge Village. He graduated from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering. He loves the way concepts are taught in Mathnasium. Helping students understand and love Math became his passion and inspiration in teaching, as he started in Mathnasium in 2011, and now he is the dynamic lead instructor. Ronell spends most of his free time reading, travelling, shopping and playing sports.

Ramuel Borja

Ramuel is the Math Instructor at Mathnasium, Knowledge Village. He has earned units in Master of Arts in Education - Major in Mathematics at University of Iloilo. He graduated at University of San Agustin in the Philippines with a degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education - Major in Mathematics. He was amazed by how effective the Mathnasium method is and it made him love to teach in the Center even more. He was inspired by his uncle to do Math after-school and was challenged to excel. From then on, his passion for Math has grown and he aims to continue to inspire others in getting better in Math. He loves to watch and play basketball games when not at work.

Jomar Concepcion

Jomar is a Math Instructor at Mathnasium, Knowledge Village. With a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Central Luzon State University and ongoing studies towards a Master of Science in Chemistry Teaching at Cagayan State University, Jomar blends his passion for numbers and chemistry seamlessly into his teaching. He's dedicated to making math exciting and accessible for all students, drawing inspiration from his love for forensic chemistry and strategic thinking. Beyond teaching, Jomar enjoys immersing himself in CSI, thrilling movies, captivating novels, and strategic board games like chess.

Our Mathnasium Mission

Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor

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