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 18 October 2018


Michael Kadile has one of the coolest jobs on the planet. A lead product designer at Mattel, he’s the creative mind behind this season’s hot toy, Alpha Training Blue, the 16” robot based on the “Jurassic World” velociraptor. She roars! She prowls! She lets her “alpha” (that’s you) teach her tons of cool tricks!

 18 October 2018

Math has never been so fun—and so funny—as with Mathnasium's Halloween Math Libs™! This thematic October math activity invites you to remember all those math terms you learned in elementary school, as well as consider your favorite numbers and operations to create silly Halloween stories that will have you laughing so hard you fall down!

 17 October 2018

🎵Do you want to build a snowman?🎶

Exactly how big (or heavy) a snowman do you think you could make? In this week’s word problem challenge, Anna wants her snowman to be made of three snowballs, each of different sizes. 

12 Jun'18

Mathnasium Celebrates Third Year Partnering with National PTA

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29 Nov'17

Grants Support STEM + Families Initiative

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16 Nov'17

Mathnasium Meets Milestone! How Winning Strategy Led to 800 Successful Learning Centers

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