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The Mathnasium Method™ Works

We build skills that are crucial for their academic career. We also provide high school math help in subjects like:

Algebra I
Algebra II

We also offer these other great programs:

Standardized Test Preparation

We provide test prep help to high school students through math knowledge, not test tricks.

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Homework Help

We provide homework and study help by guiding students toward a better understanding of the material.

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Advanced Math Learning

Students learn at a level that keeps them challenged and engaged.

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Our High School Math Tutors Get Results

The results are transformative – families will see measurable changes in attitude, confidence, and school progress.

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of parents report an improvement in their child’s math skills and understanding



of parents report improved attitude toward math after attending Mathnasium



of students saw an improvement in their school grades.

Everyone who I have worked with has helped me achieve my math goals. My grades have improved tremendously.

- Grace J., student, Countryside Center

We teach for true understanding

Delivering our proprietary curriculum face-to-face in a way that makes sense to them.

We create customized learning plans

Teaching each individual exactly what they need to learn and only what they need to learn.

Kids have fun at Mathnasium

Our instructors are trained to make learning math a fun and empowering experience.

Our Instructors Share Their Love of Math

Our high school math tutors are specially trained to teach your child how to understand and excel in math no matter where they are in their math journey. They are college students, grad students, advanced mathematicians, and professionals who teach with patience and encouragement in a face-to-face setting. We provide tutoring in many different subjects with skilled algebra tutors, calculus tutors, and more. Parents tell us all the time how much they value and appreciate our instructors. They work hard to motivate, provide emotional support, and celebrate student success each and every day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome you to contact your local Mathnasium Learning Center with any questions you may have about high school math tutoring. Here are some of the more common ones we get:

  • How can I challenge my child further if they are above grade level?

    To challenge high schoolers above grade level in math, ask lots of “why” and “what if” questions. Test their knowledge not just as a learner, but also as a teacher. Ask them to explain challenging problems as if they were teaching others how to solve them.

    You should also consider enrolling them at Mathnasium for a challenging, accelerated, and engaging supplemental curriculum. Our high school math tutors aren’t just for kids who need math homework help!

  • How can I practice math at home?

    To practice math at home, you can incorporate elements of it into your everyday routine. Start a craft project that requires you to use formulas or measure advanced elements for planning.

    Cooking and baking are excellent for getting some practice with fractions. Or try and work out a budget for the week, month, or year. For expert guidance and more ideas, you can also turn to Mathnasium’s high school math tutoring pros for high school math help.

  • How can I make sure my 12th grader is ready for college math?

    To prepare for college math, your child should complete the math courses required by the college(s) they are planning on attending. They should be able to perform the four main functions, work percentages, proportions, ratios, and multiple-step word problems.

    Many colleges require calculus for STEM majors, so if you need help from our calculus tutors, we’re here for you.

  • How can I prepare my child for college math?

    Your child should have a firm foundation in at least algebra and geometry. If they are planning on majoring in something that is based on math, science, technology, architecture, or engineering, they should also take pre-calculus — or even calculus — during high school.

    Our expert high school math tutoring can help your child gain confidence and skills in any of these subjects. They can even get math homework help when they need it.

  • Are there math tutors for high school children?

    Yes! At Mathnasium, we have calculus tutors, algebra tutors, and high school math tutors who are specially trained to deliver personalized plans to get or keep your child on track with high school math.

    The benefits that high school math tutoring provides are expansive, and children of any ability level can benefit from working with high school math tutors. Our tutors are instrumental in transforming a child’s attitude, ability, progress, and confidence.

  • Are there ways to prepare my child for high school math?

    To prepare your child for high school math, make math a positive force in your home. Get tools online to help them expand their math skill set, and encourage your child to use math daily.

    You can also enroll them in a high school math tutoring program to prepare them for the next level of courses from grades 9-12.

  • How can I prepare for college math when I am still in high school?

    Whether you need high school math help daily or rarely need extra support, you must prepare for college math while you’re still in high school just the same. High school math tutors can work wonders when it comes to preparing students just like you for the future, so you’ll be ready when you go to college and take on advanced, challenging math concepts.

  • How does Mathnasium conduct verbal assessments?

    Verbal assessments are an integral part of Mathnasium’s approach to teaching math. These assessments are designed to help build rapport between the student and our team, create a comfortable learning environment, initiate a math conversation, and demonstrate some fun and innovative ways that we think about math.

    Our expert instructors will ask a range of math-related questions during the verbal assessment to gauge the student’s understanding of various math concepts. These also help us determine if we’ve selected the appropriate written assessment for the student.

  • Will I be given feedback on my student's assessment results?

    Yes. After the assessment, our team will provide you with detailed feedback on your student's results, including establishing goals for the program and how we can support your child’s schoolwork You’ll also receive an overview of your child’s strengths and areas for improvement, along with recommendations for how you can support your child’s math learning at home.

    We believe that open communication is key, so we will discuss your child’s progress with you regularly to ensure you stay informed.


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