5 Great Reasons to Open a Maths Franchise

Feb 4, 2022

The global pandemic has taught us that a resilient business that can quickly adapt to an evolving market is a critical factor for success.. One option that provides more security for prospective business owners is purchasing a franchise. By purchasing a franchise, you are given support and a pre-existing business model to help you to create a successful business. So why consider a maths franchise in particular?

1. The global market is exploding.

The market for private tutoring is forecast to reach over $218 billion by 20271, as more and more parents are turning to supplemental maths education to boost their children’s grades, standardised test scores, and overall number sense.  A growing demand for jobs within STEM fields and university degrees that require maths competency, sees parents wanting to give their children the advantage that supplementary education offers. In fact, the private tutoring industry within Australia is now valued as a 1.4 billion dollar industry. 1

2. Maths is becoming increasingly important in our economy.

Maths teaches critical thinking and problem solving skills that are deemed vital for future work opportunities alongside daily life. And its value in the workforce keeps growing. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, much of the growth in our domestic economy will come from STEM-related jobs, some of which are extremely well paid.This is not lost on today’s parents, and it’s something to consider when looking for the best franchise for you. 

3. Schools have a hard time giving kids the individual attention they need.

No matter how great a maths teacher is in the classroom, there are always students who need help with specific maths concepts or those who are ahead of the other students in their class, and schools are often unable to provide the extra time and attention they require. For many parents, having additional support for their children to achieve better test scores and deeper maths understanding is extremely important. They also want their children to feel confident that they have what it takes to succeed. By taking them to a maths tutoring franchise, parents are letting their children know that they believe in their ability to understand maths and develop their mathematical skills.

4. You’ll be making an impact on your local community.

By opening a business in this booming industry, you will be changing children’s lives and making a difference in the community. Any student can excel in maths if they receive the right instruction, and a maths franchise can teach it to students in a way that makes sense to them. Whether a child is struggling in maths or needs a greater challenge, you can be the reason they are ultimately able to achieve their full potential.

5. A chance to own a business with the support of a large franchise company.

One of the biggest advantages of owning a franchise are the proven, established systems that come with it. Startups of entirely new businesses are more likely to fail, and the purchase of established businesses can require much more capital up front.3 With a low-cost investment and turn-key business model a Mathnasium franchise provides you with a unique business opportunity with given training and support helping you to succeed. 

Ranked #6 on Entrepreneur's list of 2021 Top Low-Cost Franchises, Mathnasium is widely regarded as one of the most successful franchises in the world. It offers a simple turn-key business model, with no maths or teaching experience required, a fantastic support network and huge revenue potential. Mathnasium offers a covid-resilient business model with both in centre and online learning options. Becoming your own boss, improving the lives of children and making a living doing it - that’s a pretty amazing reality!

If you’re interested in learning more about our franchise opportunities within Australia, further information can be found here. 


1. University of Western Australia


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