Benefits of Online Maths Tutoring

Mar 8, 2022

Maths can be a difficult subject for students to understand. Online maths tutoring can offer valuable support for students of any age to navigate difficult concepts and learning materials. Whilst tutoring is often face-to-face, online tutoring is also an option, particularly since the increased prevalence and accessibility of digital activities in childrens daily learning. Adapting to online learning during the pandemic has highlighted the opportunities to learn in the digital sphere. In this article we consider how effective online maths tutoring is to students and the potential benefits of choosing online maths tutoring when face-to-face learning is not possible. 


In 2013 academic researcher Cherie Maze undertook an academic study of 350 random tutoring sessions to consider best practices in online tutoring, including maths. She drew a number of important conclusions from her research. In relation to feedback from students regarding online tutoring sessions and their perception of the benefits, this is what she discovered:

  • 18,455 students responded when asked about the tutoring service in general and if it helped them to complete their homework.  96% said yes it did and was of benefit to them.
  • 17,970 answered the question of whether the tutoring service helped to improve their grades; the same percentage said 'yes'.
  • 18,075 students responded when asked if they felt more confident about their homework as a result of using the service – the ‘yes’ percentage was 97% this time.1


Alongside the benefits that students outline above, there are a number of other advantages of online maths tutoring.


Online learning provides additional learning flexibility for you and your child’s learning schedules. Being able to study remotely removes stress factors such as travel times, getting to classes and enables a convenient learning experience for both students and parents. Our digital platform Mathnasium@home allows students to regularly login at their convenience on the days of the week they require maths tutoring. 


In the comfort of their own home or other suitable environment, students can feel more confident about asking questions and actively engaging in the concepts at hand. For shyer children this may encourage them to participate more fully in learning experiences. Having positive online maths tutoring experiences can have a domino effect with students feeling more positive in maths classes at school as well as an improvement in maths understanding and skills. 

Critical Thinking Skills

When selecting online maths tutoring it is important to consider how maths tutoring is delivered and whether this style suits the student’s learning. Some online tutoring involves pre-recorded video, rote memorisation and automated games, which long term does not offer the same understanding and learning as other online teaching methods. At Mathnasium our online maths tutoring uses the same successful Mathnasium methodology to help students gain all round maths skills through live face-to-face expert maths instruction online. Our experienced maths tutors work with students to apply critical thinking skills, understand the reasoning behind solving core maths principals in areas such as: arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus and statistics. 

Individualised Learning 

To receive the full benefits of online maths tutoring, another important consideration is the delivery of online tutoring. Does a provider teach a full online class or offer individual tutoring online? As with our in-centre maths tuition, Mathnasium’s online maths tutoring programs offer free assessments and utilise Individualised Learning Plans. These ensure we provide tailored, effective support that helps students achieve their potential in maths. Through a customised online learning plan, our expert tutors are able to work with students to build a strong mathematics foundation, spending time on more challenging areas as required by the student’s individual needs and only moving forward when a student is confident.

Achieve Better Maths Grades and Test Results

With the additional support of online maths tutors, students spend more time understanding maths and develop improved study skills. This provides them with the tools they need to achieve better results and grades across maths homework and classwork. Online maths tutoring can also effectively help students prepare and excel in school tests and external tests such as NAPLAN

How Mathnasium Can Help

At Mathnasium our Mathnasium@home online maths tutors work with students step by step to ensure genuine maths understanding. They focus on explaining key concepts, so that students can correctly show mathematical working, and apply concepts to specific problems faster and more accurately. The assistance of an expert tutor allows students to manage their learning. Through a combination of immediate and targeted feedback we are able to instantly address areas that need improvement- via instant feedback during the session.

For more information about how online maths tutoring can help your child click here to learn more about our digital platform. 


  1. Benefits of Online Tutoring What the Research Says 


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