Get Crafty with Maths These School Holidays!

Aug 31, 2022

Who said Maths isn’t for the creative kids! Here at Mathnasium we know Maths is so much more than basic addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. So much of what we know about maths is second nature and you may not even think to put it in the same category these number-based skills! Level up your maths skills over the school holiday with these exciting maths related craft activities which provide fun for the whole family!

Fold a Sonobe cube

Who doesn’t love some peaceful origami! Learn to fold a sonobe cube using these detailed instructions to make a single Sonobe and a Sonobe Cube and feel the power of measurement, dimensions and symmetry! 



Make a clock

With analog clocks becoming less and less visible in our day to day lives, we can’t understate the importance of making time-telling fun! This easy craft will show your child 9 ways to create a crafty clock make the process a breeze!



Fraction Flowers

A huge struggle point for so many children, these fraction flowers make fractions a simple and fun learning experience. Easy and printable, not only will this make Maths more fun for your child but it is a way for them to explore fraction equivalents without realising they’re studying maths!


Lego Multiplication Tower

With so many probably laying around the house - lego can be an incredible tool in building maths skills and highlighting more difficult maths concepts in a visual way! 


This Lego multiplication tower uses colours and buildings for more visual learners to grasp larger multiplication sums. 




At Mathnasium, we understand the value in all different learning styles - that’s why we use manipulatives in our centers to help those students who may learn through seeing and doing rather than simply on paper. These activities are a sure way to build maths skills and make maths fun at home in the same way we do in our Maths-Only Learning Centers. To find your closest center, visit our website here:





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