How to get into selective schools? How can tutoring help?

Aug 31, 2022

With 26 selective schools in Australia and more and more forming, parents often visit Mathnasium asking how we can give their child the best chance of passing an entrance exam to become accepted into a selective school. Questions range from what kind of questions are asked on an entrance exam, to what topics are involved in a selective school’s entrance exam, to what score is required on an entrance exam to be selected!! So how can we help?

Answers vary from school to school, there is no one size fits all approach to becoming accepted into a selective school. What seems to be universal is that a student must complete all sections of the entrance exam to a standard that the school deems acceptable. There is no defined score which denotes success, but no more that 5% of students can be accepted from a single school to ensure fairness. 

What can set your child apart from others when looking at entrance into a selective school, is Mathnasium’s Maths-Only Learning centres and our individualised learning approach. At Mathnasium each child will be administered with two options for selective school entrance. 

We can either complete a learning plan where we work on each child's learning gaps and work on building their skill level to one of extreme competency where they’re able to excel above the usual or expected level of education for their age. This is a long term approach to numerical fluency and success and exactly what we would recommend for any parent looking to build a love and confidence for maths in their child.

Another alternative and short term approach if the entrance exam is nearing closer and closer, Mathnasium can also work with your family on a personalised number of ‘Selective School Sessions’. In doing this, we can work off of the specific school and their entrance requirements in a tailored program just for you! 

At Mathnasium, we can also assist your child with standardised testing, such as NAPLAN! Working to your child's learning gaps and building their confidence is what we excel at - in the lead up to tests and beyond. 

Whether you’re looking to catch up, keep up, or get ahead - we have it all at Mathnasium.



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