Looking To Take The Leap And Open Your Own Franchise?

Oct 3, 2022

Discover some of the best reasons why a well-established business can withstand anything from a global pandemic, to a looming financial crisis. A franchise comes with the incredible support and pre-existing model of success to help you thrive and create a well-performing business, with all the freedoms of being a business owner. Franchises offer the independence of owning your own small business, supported and encouraged by the benefits of a big business network - and with over 1000 centre’s across the world, Mathnasium has a wealth of experience and an incredible network of support.

So, why should you consider a tutoring or learning centre as a franchise?

Firstly, private tutoring is a thriving industry, with a projected growth rate of close to $220 billion by the new decade. With the importance of standardised testing on an incline, university prerequisites requiring a  high level of maths competency and an ever growing demand for jobs in the STEM industry, the global market for franchising is at an all-time high. The supplementary education that Mathnasium Franchising provides will allow parents to have a level of comfort that their children and their future is being well cared for. 

Similarly, with schools becoming increasingly busy and teachers workload ever-growing, there will always be children who need to catch up, keep up or may be looking to get ahead with their maths work. Schools will often be unable to offer adequate support to the wide range of children that will likely make up a classroom. For many parents, having the skills at their fingertips to know that their child is being nurtured in a classroom style environment with content and strategies specific to their learning style is paramount. They want their children to be confident that they have what it takes to succeed. By taking them to a maths tutoring franchise, like Mathnasium, parents are supplementing and nurturing their child and prioritising their education. 

In working with an esteemed and established franchise, one of the biggest advantages are the well thought-out and already established systems in place that we already know work well. Startup companies, while ambitious, are more likely to fail. On average, one third of small businesses will fail within their first twelve months. In addition, they usually require a larger up-front and ongoing costs. With a low-cost investment that comes with a franchise, and an established business model, a Mathnasium Maths Tutoring franchise provides franchise owners with a unique business opportunity and given training systems and support in place, designed to  help you to lead a successful franchise.  

Ranked 6th on Entrepreneur’s list of 2021 Top Low-Cost Franchises, Mathnasium is accepted as one of the most successful franchises to own globally. With 1000’s of centres already established around the globe, a fruitful market and competitively priced structures, Mathnasium’s Franchising options are a fantastic way to establish yourself as a business owner with a global footprint. 

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