When Maths Becomes A Scary Problem

Oct 3, 2022

With Halloween just around the corner, what should you do when you feel like maths is becoming a scary problem in your child’s education journey?

Noticing your child is starting to have a distaste for maths? Saying things like they hate maths, they don’t understand it and that they don’t have a maths brain? What should you do when your child says they hate maths?

It is common for children to develop a sense of Maths Anxiety, especially as they near mid-primary school and high school. This can lead to frustration, and true fear of maths. This can become a scary problem with so much of senior education depending on mathematics confidence and competence. 

Here are some tips you can follow to avoid maths fear and to conquer any maths fears this Halloween. 

Play Games Together That Include Maths
From Monopoly to online maths games, including things that will help your child to associate maths with fun group activities rather than tedious rote-learning based tasks can help to eliminate maths anxiety and stop maths fear. 

Tailor Your Child’s Maths Education To Their Learning Style.
At Mathnasium, we use a range to tools, techniques and manipulatives to assist children in learning maths for understanding and basing their education not only on a pre-set learning plan but to their own individual learning styles. 

Positive Reinforcement
Encouragement can go a long way and create a happy, positive and safe environment and attitude for your child. This can lead to academic success. Similarly, paying attention to the things you say and your reaction to maths as a subject can impact how your child thinks and feels. 

Seek Help At A Maths Learning Centre
Mathnasium works to your child’s strengths and creates a plan and workbook tailored to any gaps in their learning. By implementing a customised program, we can work to any points of anxiety while providing a fun, supportive environment for your child, enriched with positive reinforcements, rewards, and more. 


A fear of maths can become a scary problem well into adulthood with immediate and long-term consequences. 


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