New Years Resolutions For Your Childs Education - Make 2023 Their Best Year Yet!

Dec 15, 2022

It’s the time of year for vision boards, journaling and new years resolutions for yourself and your loved ones. We are often quick to make promises to ourselves of getting a promotion at work or losing a few kilos on the scales over the new year - but how can we make our child’s education a priority and set goals for their learning and their future as we move into 2023?

Setting goals for the new year is a great way to establish responsibility and self-discipline plus the incredible reward that comes with these things when done well. Children from the age of 5 and up are at the ideal stage to establish these goal-setting activities, and they’re at a perfect time to be taught that their habits are NOT set in stone. As years go by, it is easier to simply accept that you’re ‘not a morning person’, or ‘not a maths person’, and to set ambitions to grow and change for the better.


Check out our top tips on how you can set great new years resolutions for your child to prioritise their education in 2023!

Lead By Example
If you’re setting goals with your child for 2023 and hoping they will be accountable for following the guidelines they’ve set for themselves, make sure that you are following your resolutions too!


Focus On Fun
Just like we do at Mathnasium, make sure you help your child set goals with an overall focus or lens on fun and positivity. For example, if your child is setting a goal to ‘improve their maths test results’, frame the goal to say - ‘In 2023, I would like to become more happy and excited during maths class and homework time and improve my skills’. Despite this having the same result, framing the goal with a positive focus will allow for a mirror in their mindset. 


Suggest, don’t dictate! 
You may have goals you want your child to achieve in 2023 - we all do! It is important to not dictate what YOU want as this is likely to have a negative impact on their goal as well as their attitude towards achieving them. We recommend that you suggest a few options in a kind, positive way and let them respond with a yes or no. 


Brainstorm Together About What Has Been A Struggle
Battled tears and struggled over maths homework more often than you’d like to admit? Communicate with your child about any aspects that have seemed to be a struggle in the past academic year and set goals about how these times can be transformed into a space for positive growth and success. 


Set Plans to Achieve
Established that maths is an ongoing issue that needs to be put to a halt in 2023? Set plans in place to help your child combat this in the new year! Visit any Mathnasium Learning Centre for a FREE comprehensive assessment where we will identify any and all gaps in your child's maths education! 



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