Easter School Holiday Maths Activities

Mar 28, 2023

April means not only will the kids get a break from the rush of school, but it’s time to hop to it with Easter fun and activities to pass the time with a smile over the school holidays! Check out these bouncing activities that are sure to boost your child’s maths skills. And remember, our Mathnasium Maths Learning Centres are still open over the school holiday break, so be sure to pop in! You’d be hopping mad not to!

Bunny Boxes Origami

Origami is not only a great way to wind down and be present and mindful, but you will be able to explore the world of symmetry and 2D and 3D shapes with your child. Not only will you boost maths skills, but it will open your child’s eyes to the fact that maths isn’t just in algorithms, but all over the world that surrounds them. With plenty of room for customisation and decoration, this adorable activity can take as little or as much time as you’d like! 

Check it out here: https://www.gatheringbeauty.com/blog//2016/03/diy-origami-easter-bunny-baskets.html

Egg Carton Fun

For this activity, you can use something you likely have laying around at home - an egg carton! Something that can be so mundane can be used to highlight maths to your children! And the limits are truly endless. Aside from having fun with decorating and painting the carton itself, you can write the numbers 1-12 in your egg carton and have fun with maths! From here, you can get up and move by trying to throw 2 pompom balls into a section of your carton. This can then lead to addition, multiplication, subtraction and even division of the 2 numbers you’ve landed on. The possibilities are endless!

Following and converting a recipe
A traditional activity for so many people is dyeing eggs to crack and for general decoration! To get mathing, why not take this recipe and convert it to half the number of eggs, or double? You can also take this as an opportunity to convert inches to cm!
Check out the procedure here: https://www.mccormick.com/recipes/other/easter-eggs#:~:text=3%20Mix%201%2F2%20cup,and%20remove%20eggs%20from%20dye.

If you’re in the market for more and more Easter fun, visit your local Mathnasium learning centre. They’ll be sure to have some awesome activities up their sleeve!



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