What is Pi Day and why do we celebrate it?

Mar 9, 2023 | Five Dock

Apple, Blueberry and Cherry - we all know about pie! But what is Pi Day? March 14 marks the annual celebration of Pi Day. Not the sweet kind that we eat, but the mathematical sign that changed the world for the better. 

The date (in the US at least) 3/14 matches the first 3 magical digits of the never-ending number 3.141592159 (and so on). 

This is a great day for maths lovers (like us) and those working in STEM to celebrate the wonder of mathematics. This holiday was first started by another great founder called Larry - just like at Mathnasium! 

Here are some incredible things that Pi has helped us discover!

- Helped us to define the ratio of circumference to diameter of a circle

- It’s also used in calculating various elements of the sphere, like volume or surface area

- Pi helped us to search for and discover new planets

- Pi also underpins modern GPS systems as the Earth is a sphere!

How amazing is that!

Keep Pi in your mind next time you’re ordering an uber or pondering your next maths equation and celebrate Pi Day on the 14th of the month!